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Porn Life Saver

Castaway movie could have been so different.
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Inflatable Dolls re-purposed and used in place of life vests on all sea faring vessels and aircraft as emergency flotation devices.

I fear the ocean and in particular how vast it is, the size really gets to me especially when I am out past sight of the shore line.

I always wonder if I would have it in me to survive being lost at sea for days if the boat sank or the plane crashed and I made it into the water alive.

This morning I thought it would be easier if I were not alone. When you hear about it in the news it's always teams of two that seem to survive weeks lost at sea.

So having an inflatable dolls arms wrapped around you could be a good thing, might increase the probability that you will survive simply because you might not feel so lonely.

If you survived an ordeal like this because of a Porn Life Saver you could then have a Porn doll in your home wide out in the open without shame simply because you have a story to go along with it.

Second major benefit: Your in the sky the plane is rocked by severe turbulence and lightning strikes, suddenly you are plummeting spiraling furiously out of the sky headed for certain death, oxygen masks deploy, emergency porn life savers snap open and inflate all over of the aircraft cabin. Then somehow after dropping 20,000ft in a matter of seconds the pilot restarts the engines and recovers by pulling the aircraft from the nose dive. Now everyone on the plane is grappling with having stared death in the face and there to help them regain their composure are inflatable porn dolls with their bright red vagina's, johnson's and O shaped mouths everywhere. One for each passenger and now an experience worth taking a picture of.

vfrackis, Oct 02 2009

remember that time on family guy? http://www.youtube....watch?v=v2qN6ErCf80
[jaksplat, Oct 03 2009]


       Codename: baywatch
vincevincevince, Oct 02 2009

       Do inflatable sexual partners count as pornography? Conventionally, pornography includes images and text - things you look at - but once you have something you can *do* something with, besides looking, that's something else, I think.
pertinax, Oct 02 2009

       Anyone else read this as 'porn light saber'?   

       What could you do with a Porn Light Saber?
vfrackis, Oct 02 2009

       I'm not so sure about scenario 2 but scenario 1 displays impeccable logic. +
DrBob, Oct 02 2009

       I remember when I first began diving out of site of shore - it took some getting used to.
normzone, Oct 02 2009

       You think in oddly familiar ways, [vfrackie]. In fact I believe you could be any number of bakers who are sitting back, jealous as hell, that you thought of this, and not them.
blissmiss, Oct 02 2009

       Isn't this close to a 'lets all' use blow up dolls as life savers? There is no invention.   

       I suppose getting a blowup doll to self-inflate might be new.
daseva, Oct 02 2009

       Would that be autoerotic anti-asphyxia?
normzone, Oct 02 2009

       I did a search did someone come up with this already?   


       Thanks Blissmiss
vfrackis, Oct 02 2009

       There's a reason these things were initally called 'Mae Wests' by WW2 sailors.
sstvp, Oct 03 2009


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