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Personal airbag vest

Monkeys Fly Out Your Ass Personal Safety Sphere
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New from Monkeys Fly Out Your Ass Safety Products Inc. ! The Personal Safety Sphere. For airline disasters like the plane breaking up in flight and jettisoning passengers all over Venezuela at 30.000 ft. passengers can wear a vest that contains an airbag like inflation system that will envelop the human in a 15 foot diameter shpere. The outer surface is made of a thin skin of woven stainless steel like auto airbags with a film or bladder inside, and the human would be encased in a fetal or sitting position by radiating web of kevlar or spectra lines and rib structure to center them in the sphere. With the large diameter the aerodynamic drag would be sufficient to slow the decent rate to surviveable impact speeds and the stainless bag could take a pretty good hit a few times before a puncture would begin to deflate it. A small oxygen system option could be supplied as an option, it might be necesary to provide a breathable atmosphere with the nasty gasses of the explosive used for inflation. The applications are enourmous, the portent vast and bewildering..the creative mischeif, setting one off in close quarters .. jumping off mountains and rolling down... base jumping..
skyfreak, Dec 21 2003

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At the bottom of page. [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004]


       You forgot to add that they would float too, but how do you propose to explosively fold a human body into the fetal position without breaking several bones in the process?   

       Could something that big provide adequate protection from exposure at 30'000 feet?   

       Not to mention the bag ripping.   

       Also, how much would a -sphere- slow the fall down?
Almafeta, Dec 21 2003

       Round and round we go... Hey, where are the breaks?
v0rtexx, Dec 22 2003

       Well if the bag expanded into a blowup collage of all the bond girls from one of the bond films that featured this then it would be quite supreme...
Supercruiser, Dec 22 2003

       I like the updated version........ alcaity
alcaity, Dec 22 2003

       I gave this one a fish because a while back I did some research concerning motorcycle protective wear, and found out that Alpinestars actually developed the personal airbag for motorcyclists ... with link ... although not COMPLETELY identical to this idea as a whole, the Title "Personal airbag vest" goes to Alpinestars.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 22 2003

       I checked out the Alpinestars page, it's cool but looks like it's a neck breaker with the head sticking out unprotected, along with most of the rest of the body parts, thanks for the comments, a five beer napkin calculation estimate for descent rate somewhere around 30fps in free fall, with an average sized load, say up to 190#, heavier folks would need a larger size. A small drogue to stabilize it so you wouldn't puke if the thing was spinning, small sports O2 systems are commercialy available, the explosive staged to prevent physical damage, but hey, I don't have time to build it, and wonder if there is any history of ideas from this site actualy being taken up by a commercial entity and developed into products? is it only a forum for the creative narcissist?
skyfreak, Dec 22 2003

       You need to calculate the terminal velocity of the deployed bag. Due to drag, it is certainly less than with out the bag.   

       Its not the fall that kills you, its the sudden stop at the end. The bag would need rigidity to coushin the impact. This could be done by increasing the pressure inside the bag, but that would be painfull for the occupant.
edgy, Jan 22 2004


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