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Passenger protection ponchos

cover passengers and keep fire off of them
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"A massive fireball rolled through the cabin"

This theme seems to be common to every single aircraft accident that doesn't involve an instant break-up.

It occurs to Voice that airplane seats should include a heavy fireproof cloak with a valved pipe to outside air. In emergencies passengers could wrap this cloak around themselves and (when below 10,000 feet) if the pipe is working breathe through it.* Under ordinary operation the cloak would form part of the seat cushion. A simple modification of existing instructions could keep passengers protected until they can leave, if exiting is possible: add the following clause as bracketed. [If no one is in the isle beside you] start moving toward the exit.

optional: make the cloaks so they can be removed from the seats; include a dust or gas mask

*The emergency oxygen system isn't deployed in the case of fire.

Voice, Nov 13 2016

Escape Hood http://www.aircarei...-smoke-escape-hood/
[scad mientist, Nov 14 2016]

for when plane goes out of control https://www.youtube...watch?v=WRqnTODwvEA
[pashute, Nov 14 2016]


       If the passenger cabin is engulfed in flames you're beyond the point at which a flame resistant poncho will help.
DIYMatt, Nov 13 2016

       Strangely enough, Google returns no hits for "A massive fireball rolled through the cabin" (in quotes).
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 13 2016

       Just put the fire eater's stuff in the baggage hold, preventing any in-flight practice.   

       NB If a fire-eater dies and is cremated, isn't that just excessively recursive?
not_morrison_rm, Nov 13 2016

       //valve piped to outside air //   

       Why not just integrate this with an escape hood? <link>
scad mientist, Nov 14 2016


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