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pornographic industry meets the game of Monopoly
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During the current coronavirus lockdown, many people are rediscovering the joys of traditional board games like Monopoly, and while several variations already exist, there is always a market for another one. This is why Pornopoly has been created.

Instead of buying up traditional properties, you become a type of pimp or porn baron and take ownership of seedy outlets and other dubious assets.

As alternatives to places like Mayfair or Old Kent Road, there are high-class prostitutes of all kinds: working girls; rent boys; sex-shops; lap-dancing clubs; lady boys etc, all appropriately priced. Instead of Utilities like the Water Dept, there are std clinics, condom machines, backstreet abortion services and money laundering outlets.

Throw in some equivalent new cards like: "pay currupt police inspector £200" or "blackmailed politician pays you £500 to keep quiet" and you have the essence of the new game.

Replacing the nice crisp notes and figures like The Boot, or The Hat, there are bundles of grubby, suspiciously stained money and a set of nasty playing figures such as: Nick The Enforcer; Razors Magee; and Ball Twister Mary. A new luridly designed box, that is sold wrapped in plain brown paper and kept under the counter, completes the package.

xenzag, Apr 30 2020

Supposedly exists... https://www.ebay.com/itm/294171578450
...but my employer's nannycode will not let me confirm it. [whatrock, Sep 16 2021]


       Sounds titillating and engaging. I'm game.
blissmiss, Apr 30 2020

       "Park Lane" has been rebranded as "[xenzag]'s house" in your version, hasn't it ?   

       Although you really belong in the sordid, low-rent end of the market, in Whitechapel ...
8th of 7, Apr 30 2020

       Yes, we thought it might. But once you start googling that sort of thing, there's no end to it.   

       Thankyou for confirming it, anyway.
8th of 7, Apr 30 2020

Monopoly, disgusting.
Loris, May 01 2020

       What a bust to antitrust
theircompetitor, May 02 2020

       I would buy this. Especially if it had localized versions. I could also see value in a variant of this, maybe an extension pack, where you'd have caricatures of current government figures which you would have in your pocket to muscle your adversaries out of the interesting businesses, or legalize certain practices. Maybe the game could start in a very puritan city and one of the goals would be to transform it into the depravity center of the world. The game would end when all the buildings had been put into the service of debauchery and the player with the highest control of the city would obviously win.
PauloSargaco, Sep 16 2021

       Well found but hardly "Widely Known To Exist". I certainly didn't know and I searched, besides my version is better. How do I know this? Because I trust in myself to be more inventive. It looks badly designed as well - a better name would be Crapomonopoly Ha
xenzag, Sep 16 2021

       You missed something that was going on here when the idea was posted. It's too involved to explain. Keep searching, but the answer is in here in context. 8th knows the explanation, but you're too late to ask.
xenzag, Sep 16 2021

       Hahaha you're never going to know and are now snared in the conundrum. Keep looking.
xenzag, Sep 16 2021

       To the half-ouija board!   

       Well, my extension pack doesn't exist...
PauloSargaco, Sep 17 2021


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