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serial themed killer monopoly
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Murderopoly game is played in according to the same set of rules as ordinary Monopoly except you don't purchase houses on Mayfair or the Old Kent Road, you actually purchase the infamous properties of well known serial killers. (and some movie ones like The Bates Motel)

This means there are places like 10 Rillington Place or Fred West's House along with Ng's cabin in Calaveras County and Charlie Manson's Spahn Ranch to be acquired. When another player lands on your property, you must pay them according to the house tariff of victim's body parts and pints of blood from the stash allocated at the start of the game.

Instead of the Bank there is now the Morgue containing a reserve of body parts that are given out each time a player passes "go" This is complimented by appropriately themed chance and community chest cards. ie "Go directly to jail and sit in the electric chair. Do not collect any blood or body parts from the Morgue."

The winner is the person who acquires the most complete victims. Each victim requires a torso, a head, 4 limbs, 8 pints of blood and a heart.

The game is best played on Halloween in full costume. (note I had intended to post while 8th was around as I think he would have really liked)

xenzag, Sep 15 2021

Monopolyolpoly https://www.youtube...watch?v=j1OC3FYpDE8
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 17 2021]


       Worried about the what the Community Chest card might say...
RayfordSteele, Sep 15 2021

       One of my friends in San Francisco had serial killer Ng in her apartment when he was looking for her neighbour. The neighbour subsequently disappeared and was one of his victims.
xenzag, Sep 15 2021

       This really, really needs a van-de-gaff generator and a little Igor. And maybe a tie-in with that surgery game where you try not to hit the side.
Voice, Sep 16 2021

       This could work - I'm not keen on basing it on Monopoly though, which is the most boring board game in the world. (Also: sp. "complemented", not "complimented" - standards, standards...)
hippo, Sep 16 2021

       This really needs to be a rehash of that ancient Anglo-Saxon game "Take the castle". Land on a property and try to siege it for no reason, while those inside try to kill you for just as much no reason.
4and20, Sep 16 2021

       I always, always, always use complimented. You don't like Monopoly! I'm shocked. Have a community chest card. "You have won a knife sharpening holiday in Tony Soprano's beach motel. This comes with the contents of Jeffrey Dahmer's fridge."
xenzag, Sep 16 2021

       I know - Monopoly polarises opinions. My prejudice against it is that so much of the result is down to chance and where you land. Basically, if you buy everything you land on that you can afford, and you manage to nab the orange set, you’ll win.
hippo, Sep 16 2021

       The presence of some random repossession cards would undermine that certainty.
xenzag, Sep 16 2021

       If you buy certain properties they may be dug up by the police as they search for bodies (your stash of parts) "Police dig up your garden and recover 6 body parts" This could be facilitated by an extra police player who travels around the board but always needs to throw two 6s to move each time. If they land on your house, they select a card from "the nick" and impose its results.
xenzag, Sep 16 2021

       // random repossession cards //

I’m not sure adding more randomness will solve the problems Monopoly has which is that too much is decided just by the throw of the dice
hippo, Sep 16 2021

       No that's Yahtzee... Life has a number-wheel that you spin.   

       Yes, except for Trouble. Without a pop-up dice rolling mechanism... there's just no Trouble at all.   

       //How about the utilities? Obviously the Electric company would specialize in “the chair” and providing power for it. Water works in charge of lethal injections, or gas chamber maybe?//   

       Well, Thomas Edison killed many hopes, dreams, regions, and careers... maybe even individuals, who knows eh? Ruthless twat he was.
...I nominate General Electric for one of the power company slots.

       ...and of course I will purchase Orient Express. It's a given.   

       Just spitballin here... how many variations of ...opoly have we not done yet? Let's see.   


       Shit! that one's already taken.
Okay I score seven...
...your turn.


       That's 9 and now I need more coffee.
pocmloc, Sep 17 2021

       A slight, appropriate change in the rules, is the evolution needed here. If the clones don't have a fault, they die off with the original.
wjt, Sep 17 2021

       Sorry [poclmoc] but Monopolyolpoly has a hit on the internet. [link]
So that's only eight... and I'm too tired to check for others so it may be less.
It's almost one in the morning, I just put out a potential wildfire after going to bed at ten and well that's all the effort I feel like giving this right now. So... goodnight to you sir and or madame. I'm going to bed now.

       Better make it decaf.   

       //I just put out a potential wildfire after going to bed at ten// - I hope this doesn't mean the potential wildfire was in your bed... - or is "I put out a potential wildfire in my bed" a euphemism for something?
hippo, Sep 17 2021

       Bedopoly..... Instead of properties there are expensive beds, and you have to have sex with the owners of them..... Ha
xenzag, Sep 17 2021

       Yes seeing how the "proper" way to play real monopoly is with cash, then I am slightly disappointed that the sex and murder variants seem to be entirely focussed on the theme of the figures and cards and printed board, rather than the off-board extension to gameplay.
pocmloc, Sep 17 2021

       The thing that most people forget about Monopoly is that you can customise the rules anyway you want. The board, cards and moving pieces are only the infrastructure. You can add extra bits. Take away bits etc. I see no problem with more real time events being included. It's all just a Halfbaked idea after all.
xenzag, Sep 17 2021

       //you can customise the rules anyway you want// Well I always used to do that but the rest of my family would accuse me of "cheating".
pocmloc, Sep 17 2021

       //"I put out a potential wildfire in my bed" a euphemism for something?//   

       Yes! yes it is.
No seriously, it's wild-fire season here so we haven't been allowed open burns for many months. The campfire ban was lifted a couple of days ago. I guess a spark made it to the huge pruning pile that's been growing larger all year caught and it caught on fire around midnight.
It was touch and go there for a bit but my backhoe totally paid for itself last night.

       Phew! Glad you’re OK [2fries]
hippo, Sep 17 2021

       bun for [2fries] … backhoeopoly
xandram, Sep 17 2021

       Can you dig it?
lurch, Sep 18 2021

       //it's wild-fire season here so we haven't been allowed open burns for many months.//   

       If you're always super quiet around a baby, the baby will wake up and cry every time you make a noise. If you just go about your business the baby will get used to the noise level quickly and won't cry any more than he would if it were very quiet.   

       The attempt to permanently prevent forest fires by keeping anything from sparking it off is just preposterous. With our current level of technology we're not going to be able to prevent wildfires. Stuff builds up and then it burns. Short of spending billions picking up sticks the best we can do is controlled or scheduled burns. IIRC American Indians used to do that, if not for calculated ecological impact, because they wanted to go there the next year and knew the risk was mounting.   

       IMO we should remove all such regulations and allow or start more frequent fires. They would be less severe and again: they're going to happen no matter what we do. Maybe require houses in wildfire areas to have two week escape rooms and full coverage fire insurance or 4 foot thick concrete walls. Or just warn them and let them take their licks.
Voice, Sep 18 2021

       I agree.
At one time controlled burns were done every fall when everything in sight isn't a pile of match-sticks waiting to ignite.
Lobbyists put the kibosh on that years ago because the amount of smoke in the air discouraged tourism.
These days the lobbying has swung full circle and folks are screaming for the return of controlled burns now that they realize that a few months of reduced tourism is a small price to pay compared with rebuilding our cities.

       Irrelevant comments about America burning itself out due to global warming will be used to develope another version of Monopoly.
Burnopoly - it's all about forest fires and arson and idiots driving around in the climate wrecking cars that caused global warming in the first place, then have to watch as their houses burn down.
xenzag, Sep 18 2021

       We're going to need a bigger goat...   


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