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Monopoly/Risk! Hybrid

A board game which combines the greed of Monopoly with the tactics of Risk!
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The board would be a top-down view of a town, showing several big businesses [like "McBurger"], each having 3 or 4 locations across the map. At the start, each player [CEO] would pick a corporation to lead. Then they would receive 5 employees to put at any one store owned by that corporation.

It should be noted that a store owned by a corporation is not the same as a store owned by a player. A store owned by a player has at least one of that player's employees working at it. Stores owned by a corporation are all of the same name [e.g. McBurger]. Only one player may have employees working at a store at a time.

Each turn the players would receive 2 employees per store that he or she owns. These employees may be distributed between their stores as the player wishes.

"Battles" between adjacent stores would occur as they do in Risk!, but the attacker must give at least $10000 per employee captured to the defending player. If a player successfully buys out an entire store, they may move employees into it, as long as they do not abandon the original store.

If a player owns all of the stores of a certain type, then he or she may buy new products and services to provide at a one of them [such as chicken sandwiches at a specific McBurger]. These increase the amount of money an attacker needs to pay to capture an employee, and increase the chance of successfully capturing employees of other companies.

I hope this makes sense - it's kind of hard to describe a board game. If it doesn't, I'll try to rewrite/reword it.

rgovostes, Oct 16 2003


       Some of the setback cards: Enviromental Board takes you to court - pay 200 dollar court fee. E coli outbreak at Burger Blob - Skip Next turn. Or, You are held-up, again, by a past employee wearing a Mc Burgler mask - loose last gross earned.
jackottabox, Oct 16 2003

       Seems like a great idea in principle. Why have so few people looked at this idea?
Mr Phase, Oct 26 2005

       it was posted on a slow day and got buried. I bet. Also, this was pre-crash, so it may have had many buns before it's record was wiped.   

       There's around 7000 ideas with no votes on the site.
Madai, Oct 26 2005

       I'd play it.
prototrance, Mar 22 2006


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