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Portable Bean Crusher/Hydrator

Grind beans and pour water on them, on the go.
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A back mounted bean paste maker. In the left hand is an attachment much like those on a common vacuum to suck up whatever beans you chose. Once sucked in, they are blown into the grinder in the center of the unit. There they are ground, hydrated for easier pouring consistency, and ejected out the right hand attachment.
notmarkflynn, Jan 28 2006


       do the tubes of this gizmo run up and down the inside of the sleeves of your coat?
po, Jan 28 2006

       Is that a portable bean crusher / hydrator, or are you just happy to see me?
bungston, Jan 28 2006

       Picture it sort of like a flamethrower with two arms that drips beans instead of firey death.
notmarkflynn, Jan 31 2006

       Erm, why? (Never having encountered the need for a bean paste maker in the first place, portable or non-.)
DrCurry, Jan 31 2006

       You're going to damn well wish you had one when you do.   

       Like at a party where there's no more bean dip and a man has a gun to your head, demanding that you produce some immediately. Then you'll all be sorry you laughed at me.
notmarkflynn, Feb 06 2006

       Why not just carry a tank of beans so you don't have to find beans to crush when the guy puts a gun to your head?
Flying Doom Squid, Aug 22 2007


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