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Roller Shelf

Miscellaneous Dispensor
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This is a series of adjustable dispensers that hold various things people need for food preparation or storage such as:

Aluminum Foil, Wax Paper, Plastic Wrap, Trash Bags, Sandwich bags, Freezer bags, Paper towels, Butcher Paper, and maybe even Bubble wrap.

A series of bars and sliding end pieces that you can adjust with a pinching spring mounting mechanism allow you to mount the various media all in one place and then screw the shelf unit to the back of your pantry door.

The circular fitting meant to hold the rolls (think of toilet paper or paper towels) is graded into the various standard diameters of these products.

Now, with a little help from manufacturers, you can buy the above mentioned things wrapped in recycled paper instead of cardboard and easily put them on the inside of a cabinet or pantry door and easily see when one of them is about to run out.

In order to include freezer bags and sandwich bags, the manufacturer would need to make them in a roll form with perforations, but I imagine this would be easily cost effective should they no longer need to include the cardboard box they normally come in.

Lastly, some of the bars have teethed bars just below them to allow for you to make a straight tear in the media.

(if someone built this, I would be interested in buying one.)

Zimmy, Feb 26 2005


       I like it but I'm not quite picturing it in a cabinet. How about spring loaded from a drawer. Slide out the drawer. Push on the one you want & it pops up above the others. Roll off what you need. Push it back down. Close the drawer. Ok, I'm not picturing that too well either.   

       Ooh, how about this. All the rolls are on a roll like a ferris wheel & you spin it til it gets to the one you want.
mack2, Feb 26 2005

       I own this.
futurebird, Mar 02 2008

       yup... I want mine mounted under the kitchen counter with a slide-out mechanism.
FlyingToaster, Mar 03 2008


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