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Portable Yurt

Portable Yurt for homeless people
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(+6, -2)
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A shopping cart is retro-fitted to convert into a portable shelter for the homeless
veryvermilion, Nov 20 2004

The Portable Yurt http://home.earthlink.net/~tomcogburn/
visual [veryvermilion, Nov 20 2004]


       Even though it's not technically a yurt, you're getting a bun just for using the word.
shapu, Nov 20 2004

       I concur. And it would have an outrageous entertainment value. Bravo.
Blumster, Nov 20 2004

       God forbid any of us ends up homeless, but in that eventuality, outrageous entertainment value be damned, a mobile place to sleep wouldn't be so bad. (+)   

       You're going to need some mechanism for locking the wheels that is operable from the inside, or yobs are inevitably going to invent uncontrolled involuntary homeless-racing down steep hills.
prufrax, Nov 20 2004

       But what happens to all the stuff that was in the cart being pushed around town all day when the cart is transformed for night-time use? I think your Yurt would be better designed if perhaps it used the cart as a central support for the shelter, but continued to be portable protection for the homeless person's belongings.
jurist, Nov 20 2004

       if the mattress was held in place underneath and had a waterproof cover; then the whole caboodle could be turned inside out to produce your bed. this deserves a +1
po, Nov 20 2004

       I think for this idea to be practical the homeless person needs to be "two carts mad".
jurist, Nov 20 2004

po, Nov 20 2004

       Also useful for those who shop until they drop.
FarmerJohn, Nov 20 2004

       But...Yurts are portable...   

       Anyway, [+] for the budget camper van plan.
wagster, Nov 20 2004


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