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Find scammers and give publicity to them
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There is a class of people in America who beg, professionally. In many places a person can collect more money begging than by working, and there are people who take advantage of that. These people can take money from the really needy and are, in general, evil. I propose a system for ousting them.

Drive around and offer food to people asking for it. "will work for food", "homeless, please help", and so forth.

Some people will refuse. If they refuse, take their picture. Also photograph people who are known scammers, who drive to their begging spot in nice cars, etc.

Make a website organized by place, featuring pictures of beggers who would only accept money.
Voice, Sep 22 2008

Professional Beggar in Sydney .... http://www.pbase.co...rtin/image/42115872
[jutta, Sep 22 2008]

... India.... http://mutiny.wordp...-36000-lic-premium/
(where it's a bit of a different deal in that I don't think the audience expects anyting like they'd do in the US) [jutta, Sep 22 2008]

... China... http://www.chinadai.../content_700634.htm
[jutta, Sep 22 2008]

... oh yeah, the US. http://www.neatoram...ssional-panhandler/
[jutta, Sep 22 2008]


       // I propose a system for ousting them.   

       Yeah, that'll really show them. Then what?   

       Is giving money directly ever a good idea? I'd rather pay for: universal health care; managed housing; food programs; programs to prevent domestic violence; mental health outreach programs.
jutta, Sep 22 2008

       Then people who care will know who not to give money to so the people who need it can get it. At least until the word gets around the professional set that they shouldn't ever refuse food. hmmm.
Voice, Sep 22 2008

       *are* there actual professional beggars? I mean in reality, not in the minds of paranoid conspiracy theorists?
Custardguts, Sep 22 2008

       yes, there really are. Quite a few actually.
Voice, Sep 22 2008

       'Professional' I find a bit of a loaded word in this context. It almost implies that it's a carefully planned career option and that these people have qualifications in begging and a certificate hanging on their wall (or cardboard box).
hippo, Sep 22 2008

       //Make a website organized by place//. Have a sole.
4whom, Sep 22 2008

       [hippo] As a skill that is learned and results in income and a place in life, yes, very much so. Not all of them of course; but that applies to most careers.
mylodon, Sep 22 2008

       I've seen the same woman begging for several years on a corner in Cambridge, Ma. everytime I visit my friend there. I used to give her money all the time, feeling sorry, guilty for what I don't know? (I'm driving a nice car that I bought with the money that I worked for and took out a loan and paid it off)?- then I had to stop myself. The last time I saw her, I rolled up the window. I don't want to oust her, if that's the job she chose as a career, but I don't have to pay her because I'm not her boss!
This doesn't mean that I don't want to help homeless people in general.
xandram, Sep 22 2008


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