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Post-It Cuff

Post-It notes, close to hand.
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We looked for a category Fashion:Shirt, but there isn't one ....

The proposal is for a standard long-sleeved "pilot" style shirt (the sort with two breast pockets). The shirt has a further small "pocket" built into the inside of the left (or right) cuff. This pocket is so designed as to be just large enough to hold a pad of the mini size of post-it notes (about 30 x 25 mm). A small window allows access to the top note, and a flap (with velcro or a press-stud) covers the notes when not in use to protect them from dirt etc.

The object is to provide the wearer with a small supply of convenient writing material, avaialbe at all times for when those half-baked ideas strike without warning ..... generally, in the bathroom .....

8th of 7, Aug 22 2002


       Nice idea, but I find that in such situations I usually need a pen too. Where do you propose that is kept?
sild, Aug 22 2002

       Keeping to the aeronautical theme, fighter pilots' flight suits generally have a transparent map pocket on the right thigh which could be modified, but how much use it would be might depend on what you're doing in the bathroom.
I have a short-sleeved casual shirt (a Team McLaren polo shirt) with a small pocket on the left sleeve.
angel, Aug 22 2002

       We've got a knee-board we use when navigating - it straps round the thigh and has a clip to hold checklists, maps etc, and a pen holder. Fine when one's trousers are in an "up and locked" mode but not in other circumstances. The pocket on the left sleeve is good for pens but it's hard to write on a notepad in that position. Parkas usually have these too.   

       sild: There could be a tubular pocket for a short pen or pencil on the opposite cuff. Shirts would be sold in left ahnd or right hand versions. Alternatively the pen could go in a breast pocket on in an upper arm sleeve pocket as above. The idea of having the notepad on the cuff is to provide a conveneint mechanical support when writing. Like writing on the back of one's hand, only not quite.
8th of 7, Aug 22 2002

       confess this is all part of your anti-handbag campaign - isn't it? did your cat phobia appear about the same time as some woman beat you senseless over the head with her faux leopard print handbag by any chance?   

       croissant, I am addicted to post-its
po, Aug 22 2002

       po: we suspect that the cat phobia and the handbag phobia are both a consequence of an ex-wife; but we drink to forget, and it works .....   

       Mind you, we've always disliked cats.
8th of 7, Aug 23 2002

       I love my post-its so much I try to re-cycle them. keep a little pile of crossed out notes in a corner of my post-it note covered desk. 1 more week and its back to the sound of clanking chains.
po, Aug 23 2002

       8th of 7, How about a notepad wristwatch? Or a notepad sock? Or note pads on the dashboard Rollerdex notepad in the loo? In the Shoe? In the pew?
bluto, May 12 2003

       Forget dry-erase, just write on your normal clothes.
oatcake, May 22 2003

       In //Modern Times//, the Tramp, in his first-ever vocal performance, demonstrates a problem with this concept.
supercat, May 22 2003


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