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Searchable Pockets

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As intelligent clothing, personal area networks, RFID and HUDs become commonplace (in the parallel nerdverse future I and Kevin Warwick inhabit) it will become possible to instantly show the contents of all bags, pockets and other receptacles about one's person, thus doing away with the traditional pocket-slappy dance and repeated rummaging required to find one's missing bus pass.

Two alternate and/or complementary systems will evolve.

The first uses an RFID sensor embedded in each pocket to report its current contents every few seconds to the personal area network manager. The PAN manager then compiles an indexed and searchable list, which can be displayed on the HUD.

LEFT SHOULDER HOLSTER[br] Current contents:[br] iPod[br] Glock 9mm[br] 50g Skittles Peanut, unopened.

WHERE IS:>bus pass[br] All areas concession bus pass 28/7/06:[br] REAR LEFT PANTS POCKET

The second system incorporates a tiny video camera and LED in each pocket/bag. The HUD can display an image of the insides of any storage area, or cycle through images from each camera.

Wireless data links extend the network to your car's glove box, boot (trunk), your sock drawer etc.

BunsenHoneydew, Jul 27 2006

Personal Area Networks. http://en.wikipedia...rsonal_area_network
[BunsenHoneydew, Jul 28 2006]

RFID http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RFID
"Non-silicon tags made from polymer semiconductors ... will be roll printable ... like a barcode .... and be virtually free" [BunsenHoneydew, Jul 28 2006]

Kevin Warwick http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Kevin_Warwick
aka Mr Cyborg [BunsenHoneydew, Jul 28 2006]

EM Shielding http://www.lessemf.com/fabric.html
admittedly, i'm not so sure about the whole "evil" radiowave thing [tcarson, Jul 28 2006]

Tin Foil Fedora http://www.ericisgr...foilhats/index.html
[tcarson, Jul 28 2006]

Types of barcode http://en.wikipedia...s#Types_of_barcodes
Depressing [BunsenHoneydew, Jul 29 2006]

Ideo-Blob Ideo-Blob
... said the White Knight. [pertinax, Aug 01 2006]

Context aware Blackberry http://www.newscien...letter&nsref=dn9845
A PDA that knows when it's in your pocket [BunsenHoneydew, Sep 15 2006]


       I can't help but think that, sometime around 2050, our brains are just going to atrophy from sheer lack of use.
DrCurry, Jul 27 2006

       Quite so. I seem to remember reading somewhere that habitually messy people are less likely to develop Altzheimer's, because of the regular mental exercise of the daily "Where the bloody hell did I leave (X)?". Similar results to habitual crossword solvers.
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 27 2006

       [-] i don't like the ability for people to check the contents of my pockets without giving me a chance to sock them for frisking me. my pockets, my stuff, stay back! sorry, but homeland security would start following me around in black suvs and checking to make sure i'm not a subversive! this is big brother, high tech thieves, and poor use of technology all wrapped up in one.   

       also, [marked-for-deletion] bad science. just because it's rfid enabled doesn't mean that it will know what is in your pockets.   

       i also don't want to have to pay extra for pants with security holes. i mean really, this would put the price of pants out of my range.
tcarson, Jul 28 2006

       Simply replace all pockets with clear plastic. You'll be able to see everything at a glance. So will everyone else so if you have something to hide use the new decoy clear plastic pocket liner that will display innocent items like coins and bubblegum.   

       Then install a rfid/ bluetooth/ wifi enabled system that will... oh yeah. Nevermind.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jul 28 2006

       [m-f-d] bad science? Come now...   

       Obviously the first implementation described depends on RFID or a similar technology becoming a universal product identifier, like today's barcodes, cheap and small enough to embed in all store-bought items or their packaging - as I implied at the start of the entry. I didn't spell that out in words of one syllable because I thought that was obvious.   

       I know what RFID is, I know what magic is, and I know the difference.   

       Still, that isn't going to identify that cool shell you found at the beach or the handmade recycled glass charm bracelet from your ex, hence the second video based system.   

       And what makes you think that anyone else around you will be able to see into your pockets? You've heard of encryption, and security, right? This issue isn't even part of the present halfbake, as it's a problem for the designers of the (hopefully open sourced) PAN system. [see link] If it's not at least as secure as OpenBSD, I won't be using it.   

       Conversely you might *want* a thief to know that you're carrying a Glock 9mm. You could tag such items as public, say.   

       As to the "big brother" comment, I think your tinfoil beanie is on a little too tight [tcarson]. Dispense with the wireless component altogether if you're still worried, and carry the signal over a skin network or clothing embedded cables. If "they" really cared, "they" would have their own high powered RFID readers anyway.   

       It's _my_ parallel nerdverse; you don't have to come and play. Kevin and me will get along just fine.
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 28 2006

       Oh christ I need one of these.
wagster, Jul 28 2006

       [bunsen], the big brother worry isn't as farfetched as you might think. besides, i can think of no situation where i'd actually want someone to know what's in my pockets. rfid is unidirectional so anyone with a reader will be able to grab the signal from a chip if they've got the correct frequency set, and if it's rfid, for it to work, i can't use some handy dandy radio frequency blocking fabric to line my clothing with.   

       because rfid chips transmit their signal whenever they receive power, even if they're signal is encrypted, it can be captured and decoded at a later time. people won't ever change their encryption, and you can catch them later with your decoder and figure out what's in their pockets then.   

       you can't tell when someone is scanning your clothing because they don't need to brandish an antenna, but can keep one in a briefcase, or even use a patch antenna in their sleeve.   

       commercial products means that everyone will be walking around with similar encryption schemes and if you have them ahead of time they might as well not exist. people won't be savvy enough to know how the thing works, and won't be able to protect themselves from it.   

       the [mfd] comes from the fact that you mentioned rfid as being able to just know what was in your pockets. one of the current problems with rfid technology is compatibility. different companies use different frequencies and data formats, and because the normal person won't be walking around with pockets full of one company's merchandise, you'd need a reader type for every item.   

       before you start talking about how in the future there won't be issues with compatibility and technology size, you might want to realize that another betamax battle is heating up, and chances are it won't be the last. the [mfd] was probably a little harsh though.   

       also, note that my tinfoil fedora is perched at a jaunty angle.
tcarson, Jul 28 2006

       //anyone with a reader will be able to grab the signal from a chip// Fair enough, but this is a problem with RFID, not with Searchable Pockets, which is the point I was trying to make //"they"// in my last anno.   

       //different companies use different frequencies and data formats ... you'd need a reader type for every item.// Ah poot. More a bad understanding of a technical standard than bad science though. We'll have to wait until the VHS of this system emerges, or rely on the backup video based system.   

       Speaking of which, the cameras should probably be mounted on prehensile stalks so that they can rummage.   

       "ooh, hahah, that tickles"
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 28 2006

       [bunsen], there isn't likely to ever be an equivalent to vhs in rfid. it's in the interest of any company creating the damn things to keep you locked into a single upgrade path. because there aren't any fixed standards, they can create brand new formats and use unusual frequencies to keep customers from being able to use existing equipment with their products.   

       the rfid part of this idea is nearly completely bakable, and that scares me. the whole idea of if you're innocent you have nothing to hide is crap, and anyone who thinks about it in context to themselves knows it. i see this as being a real threat, and while i tip my faraday-reminiscent hat in your direction for it, i cringe inwardly at the same time. i'm not paranoid for trying to live below the radar. i keep my fingerprints to myself, pay in cash, and online i don't leave anymore trace than necessary. i would show up like a beacon with this, and the government might try to make me use it.
tcarson, Jul 29 2006

       From "Only Forward" by Michael Marshall Smith: "My apartment is equipped with a Search function: you have a little unit into which you type what you're looking for, and it electronically searches the place and tells you where it is. Unfortunately I've lost the unit, so I'm pretty well fucked."
spidermother, Jul 29 2006

       All good points and pitfalls, [tcarson], and I agree with you more or less on the whole leave-no-trace thing. However:   

       //if it's rfid, for it to work, i can't use some handy dandy radio frequency blocking fabric to line my clothing with//   

       Sure you can, if your scanner is _in_ the pocket. Leaving aside for the moment the whole no-standards thing, which may or may not be insurmountable. Software radios?   

       Prehensile eyestalks and pattern recognition :)   

       The HUD could be superfluous; if you want you can display lists/images on your...   

       ... damn, where's my phone?   

       /edit/ as [spidermother] also anno'd as I was writing this.
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 29 2006

       i don't mind your camera on stalk idea [bunsen], because it resides in the realm of the purely fantastic.   

       any scanner that would work with my anti-rfid jeans would need a cord running to each pocket sensor, otherwise the screen wouldn't be readable. if you set your phone up to act as the interface, it would need to be physically connected. faraday cage means no radio if it's done right. that means phones won't work either.   

       i forgot to mention that there is another way for breaking down the encryption used for rfid tags on merchandise. you walk into a store and start scanning goods and compiling a database. it's time consuming, but it's more of a onetime thing.
tcarson, Jul 29 2006

       //purely fantastic//   

       I'll take currently baked and WKTE medical devices for $500, thanks Alex.   

       A tiny camera on a prehensile stalk with integrated lighting.   

       [bzzt] What is an endoscope?   

BunsenHoneydew, Jul 29 2006

       [bunsen], putting an endoscope in your pocket, hooking it up to a computer that can identify and categorize the contents of your pockets, making it immune to any problems associated with sitting on it, powering it with a decent sized battery without breaking your back, and then selling it to people who can't remember the contents of their pockets in the first place? purely fantastic.
tcarson, Jul 29 2006

       //purely fantastic.//   

       Thanks :) I'll take it that's [+] then?
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 31 2006

       i won't bun this on account of the whole rfid thing, but i'll subtract my negative vote.
tcarson, Jul 31 2006

       <plugs own idea> Couldn't you just wear an ideo-blob [see link] as a backpack (or strapped over your belly to reduce theft risk), with the data-processing done in a palm-top dangling from your belt? </plugs own idea>   

       I think it would go well with the tin-foil fedora.
pertinax, Aug 01 2006

       [pertinax], it's still too visible to the outside world. i mean, come on. there's a reason why we don't make transparent pockets other than that we don't want people to be grossed out be half-eaten melted chocolate.   

       a barcode and scanner is as far as i would go into databasing my pocket contents. then the scanner would be placed inside the tin foil hat of choice, and have the batteries removed for added security. i don't trust screens for security after i overdosed on paranoia and looked up van eck phreaking.
tcarson, Aug 01 2006

       Fair point, [tcarson]. It would be strictly for exhibitionists. Especially when, in hot weather, you decided to wear it instead of your outer clothes... or to ride it like a space-hopper. ;-)
pertinax, Aug 02 2006


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