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There's nothing quite so romantic as young lovers, walking along hand in hand.

But as the winter months draw close and the temperature drops, they are forced to either forgo skin to skin contact by donning gloves, or retract their little mits into the warmth of coat pockets losing the whole romantic pleasure of holding hands.

A new range of winter coats with an added zip on the rear, vertical seam of the side pockets allows your loved one to slip their hand into your pocket with you and enjoy the comfort of soft warmth with the intimate pleasure of skin to skin contact.

nb. this can also be adapted for use by elderly lovers.

HowardMarks, Sep 24 2008

The Third Glove The_20Third_20Glove
Share A Mitten. [Amos Kito, Sep 24 2008]

The Smitten Mitten http://www.smitten.com/
For the interim, use one of these. [swimr, Sep 25 2008]


       As an incurable 'hand holder' I love the idea. Have a bun.
sambwiches, Sep 24 2008

       I can think of another strategic location for zippers too!
Voice, Sep 25 2008


       My sweetie and I are hand holders, and we approve of this idea.   

       The Smitten Mitten is really quite cool!
Noexit, Sep 26 2008


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