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Post-It Wallpaper

Pull off a sheet and change the look of the room!
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A thick pad of wallpaper affixed to a wall. Each sheet in the pad has a different color or design. When you're tired of the old one, pull off the top sheet to reveal a new design.
failure31, Aug 29 2003

what kilroy wanted really. shame I like yours better. http://www.halfbake..._20for_20Apartments
[po, Oct 04 2004]


       Could be really handy in kid's rooms where stuff is frequently flung onto walls, makes for easy clean ups -- but what about replacing the pad of wall post-its?
Letsbuildafort, Aug 29 2003

       Or monkey cages.
DeathNinja, Aug 29 2003

       That is some huge dispenser you'd need!
Very funny :) +
phundug, Aug 29 2003

       You would prefer giant post-its to a bologna pop tart?
DeathNinja, Aug 29 2003

       Sounds fun -- yep, more creative for kids' rooms especially. I like it!
kilroyscarnival, Sep 05 2003


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