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removable wallpaper

Assorted rolls of wallpaper border for use in dorms and apartment
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Like a continuous strip of static sticker that you can use for accents around the top (or bottom) of walls. You won't have to pay for any damage done to your apartment since you can decorate while you're there and then peel away for use at your next place.

Note, patterns would appeal to adult sensibilities.

melibean, Aug 15 2003

(?) "Design Your Own REMOVABLE & REPLACEABLE Wallpaper, Appliqués & Murals!" http://www.imaginep...g.com/wallpaper.htm
Just one of many. [half, Oct 21 2004]


       Welcome, melibean. Nice idea. Unfortunately, it's so nice that it's already been done. (link)   

       Do try again.
half, Aug 15 2003


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