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stereographic wallpaper

stereographic wallpaper
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You know those magic eye pictures that have hidden images? Like that, except in wallpaper patterns. Looking at the walls would be like being stoned. You could even have the hidden image custom-made. Like, in lounges, it could be the "no smoking" sign or subliminal messages like "shut up" in libraries.
xt, Nov 25 2002

Dual-film camera http://www.halfbake.../Dual-film_20camera
Practice on the links I added to this idea [hippo, Oct 17 2004]


       Some repeating wallpaper patterns produce a 3-D effect if you look at them just right. But a friend of mine swears he can't see stereograms, despite 20-20 vision. After much analysis, I've concluded that his eyes each "see" in a different size (and possibly view area), and his brain compensates fine for real-life 3-D. May be normal, but anyone afflicted has grave difficulties with stereograms.
Amos Kito, Nov 25 2002

       I see stereograms very easily - often by chance in things which have a regularly repeating pattern. So this idea would be cool, but might cause me to walk into things.
hippo, Nov 25 2002

       The inability to *see* Stereograms is a sign of mental, physical, sexual, etc. superiority. I know, because I am unable to see them.
thumbwax, Nov 25 2002

       (Just as well [thumbwax] doesn't know what we see when we look at stereograms - heh heh heh!)
hippo, Nov 25 2002

       I couldn't see the flipping things either until I developed a technique of bringing the paper right up close to my eyes, concentrating my gaze on one pair of patterns only and very slowly withdrawing the paper further away. one lapse of concentration and its gone - usually hardly worth the bother though :)
po, Nov 25 2002

       Link added leading to stereo images (not quite the same thing, I know) to practice on.
hippo, Nov 25 2002

       Rods: Maybe if they were printed on a transparent medium, one could more easily focus on a finger behind the image.
FarmerJohn, Nov 25 2002

       The wallpaper could come with matching bedsheets so you could have those accidental trancendental moments waking up and going "whoa!" while staring at your pillowcase.
croyd, Nov 25 2002

       My trick to seeing them is to stay away from the edges of the picture. Rods is exactly right. There are repeating patterns in these things that are precisely spaced to overlap at specific 'distances.' When you de-focus your eyes to see two images, try and de-focus them enough so that the two images diverge to the point where the repetitions meet up again. Then, hold that level of focus, and your brain will slowly start to put the levels of the image together. I had trouble with it for the longest time, and even thought at one point that it was just a hoax for the uninitiated.
RayfordSteele, Nov 25 2002

       For reasons that probably relate to needing new glasses, I keep reading this as steganographic wallpaper. Much more interesting concept (sending secret messages through wallpaper), I think.
DrCurry, Nov 25 2002

       Yo why is this turning into a discussion on stereogram viewing techniques? What does everyone think about the actual idea?
croyd, Nov 26 2002

       Fun! As long as the wallpaper companies DON'T send subliminal messages to me, I'm fine. But if I were to wake up with a sudden urge to buy every item they have on the market, I'm sure someone would stop me...right?.. uh, right?...
flamebroiledgoodness, Nov 26 2002

       Ha !!! simular to the stereo graphic ties I invented!!!! "hypnotize "
shradius, Nov 19 2003

       Just annotating to say that I just thought of this... four years late.
st3f, Dec 07 2006


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