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Skinnable wallpaper

Never clean wallpaper again.
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The wallpaper you put up would be a stack of multiple wallpapers. When you get bored, you can peel down to the next option. For those who like to cycle between options, several wallpaper designs could repeat.
4and20, Dec 16 2015

Post-It Wallpaper
[xaviergisz, Dec 17 2015]


       After a hard day, I started HB, looked around at the peeling wallpaper in my room and just posted. Even then, I worried someone would steal it, and they have, using my time machine technology.
4and20, Dec 17 2015

       You could use perforated regions to allow mixing of different layers.
the porpoise, Dec 17 2015

       (+)... as long as it is recyclable.   


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