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Revisit the buns of bakings past
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I propose a periodic event wherein the most-bunned and/or most- discussed posts on HB are revisited in a special category for the purpose of analysis with the benefit of hindsight. Re-examination of these dusty old croissants might very well reveal fresh relevance, previously unnoticed potential, and as a bonus it might stir up a few long-dead arguments. We may even find a few that were quietly baked to a nice golden brown and now actually exist in some form.

*When I thought this up, it seemed like kind of an obvious idea to me, so I searched the HB archives but found nothing like it. My apologies if I didn't dig deep enough and it turns out not to be an original proposal.

Alterother, Jun 25 2011

http://www.halfbake...:t=All_20Categories [FlyingToaster, Jun 25 2011]

or by name http://www.halfbakery.com/view/by_20name
[xandram, Jun 26 2011]

(?) or by date http://www.halfbakery.com/view/earlyhb
[xandram, Jun 26 2011]


       I remember when [Alterother] had that crazy idea. And he posted it in the high ranking military officers category.
normzone, Jun 25 2011

       I know there's a joke in there somewhere... Wait, don't explain it to me; it'll be funnier when I figure it out on my own.
Alterother, Jun 25 2011

       ummm... feel free. <link> could let you find categories you're interested in.
FlyingToaster, Jun 25 2011

       I think that when people really *get into* the hb, they find these things on their own. There used to be a lot more active members, so that would account for a lot more buns on some ideas than others...or less on ones before the *Crash*.
xandram, Jun 26 2011

       // I think that when people really *get into* the hb, they find these things on their own. //   

       I've done exactly that. That's what gave me the idea for bringing choice examples back around periodically to be re-examined as a group effort, for those interested in participating. I realize this happens on its own when an old post pops back up, I just thought we could formalize it into an optional activity. Something to do after the sack race at the HB Alumni Picnic.
Alterother, Jun 26 2011

       I want to criticize this idea for being elitist, somehow, but actually I think it's not. It occurs to me that this would allow more people a fair shot at taking part in the history of the place and this would proliferate 'good baking practices'. That is, people don't destroy what they cherish (usually).   

       The problem isn't trolls, anyways. It's volume. We need more people! People are easily convinced that nothing is new under the sun, and this may be true now more than ever. If it doesn't cure cancer with a quantum-entangled laser, genetically-modified pseudomonas and a scaffolding of nanomaterial with radio-frequency smart assembly then it's already been done before and not worth musing over on this website. To this, we all loudly resound: Bollocks!
daseva, Jun 26 2011

       Aye, bollocks!
Alterother, Jun 27 2011

       From experience, most of the really good ideas that I saw on HB, some of which were later successfully baked where boned ideas.
pashute, Oct 30 2012


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