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Poster-sized Post-it Notes

Huge post-its for the sides of buildings and other various poster uses
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Post-it notes need to be available in much larger sizes then they currently are. Why not have varying poster sizes up to, say, 30-feet wide to use for promotions or to announce office meetings, etc.? They would be useful for all sorts of things. The toughest part would be storage. Where do you put a 30-foot pad of post-its? But at least smaller poster sizes would be useful for outdoor promotion of concerts in downtown metropolitan areas. No more stapling or taping these things all over the place. Maybe the glue on the back could be make more adhesive for outdoor use as well.
smizzou, Jun 26 2001


       Baked, up to 2'x3'. Ruled with lines for more accurate charting. From 3M.
reensure, Jun 26 2001

       [scribbling on excessively large Post-It Note]   

       Memo to self: next time buy smaller Post-its.
mrkillboy, Jun 26 2001


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