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post-it for life

Reusable post-its
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Post it notes are by far one of the most commonly used office supply. I go through a pad a week, and so does everyone else in the office. Thats (and I calculated) around 6000 pads a year. Thats a hell of a lot of pale yellow square footage, not to mention a hefty expence. The boys at 3M are geniuses....wow. I wouldn't be surprised if this is their main revenue model.

Fiancially, and environmentally this needs to change. I think a hybrid of post-its, paperclips and magnets need to be created. Not disposable, but re-uasable.

The all-familliar pale yellow sheet would stay the same shape, but would be made using the a surface simmilar to white boards, which can be written on and erased X amount of times with a non-permanent marker.

At the back of this would be a metal paperclip-esque attachment that would make it easily attachable to documets.

Each desk at the office would be supplied with an A3 sized magnetic board to put up somehwere, so these post its could be stuck to for reminders etc.

These reusable post its would circulate around the office forever, and eliminate the need for such vast quantities of pastele colored kitschness.

shinobi, May 16 2006

Re: Office Supplies Fetish http://www.tinotopi...office_supplies.htm
See last three paragraphs. Now excuse me, I'm almost out of composition books. [jutta, May 18 2006]


       + No more post-its stuck to the monitor screen after lunch.   

       That used to hoark me off almost as much as the people who draw on the monitor with a pen or pencil or old fashion finger grease to discuss things represented on screen.
Zimmy, May 16 2006

       A pad a week?! Why act on something when you can make a note of it for later, eh?   

       A3 sized magnetic board onto which white-board material post-it notes are stuck? Why not just have an A3 sized whiteboard?
Texticle, May 17 2006

       That's just silly, [Texticle].
methinksnot, May 17 2006

       A dry erase Post-It? Easily doable - just make the surface glossy.
DrCurry, May 17 2006

       Okay, I laminated it, called it a day, and it still doesn't stick anymore. Thanks a lot, [BrauBeaton].
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 17 2006

       You know, I could never figure out what business it is of anyone else whether I use post-it notes. I finally decided it is a preoccupation of the young and immature, who remind me of little angry bees buzzing around just looking for someone to sting. In a race to retrieval of phone numbers, not already stored in memory, I always win. How many phone numbers per year do you store in your memory? How many numbers have you stored at the end of your career?
AH, May 17 2006

Texticle, May 17 2006

       So this idea isn't for a gag post-it made of kevlar with a superglue backing?
Worldgineer, May 17 2006

       A post-it note gag? Your taste in bondage equipment is interesting. I've never known anyone with an office supplies fetish.
normzone, May 17 2006

       Just upon reading the title, I imagined a battle-scarred office-worker, upper body naked, stapler in one hand, and a large tattoo across his chest that says "Post-It 4 Life" in big gothic lettering.
Trickytracks, Jan 11 2007


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