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Roll of Post-It

...the title says it all.
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Similar to sticky tape, only made of paper, and with easy-removable glue. A long, thin strip of Post-It paper, rolled up and placed in a sticky tape dispenser. When you need a Post-it, just cut off as much as you need.

The dispenser could have a long flat part between the roll and the serrated edge, as a writing surface; write a note, cut it and paste on whichever surface you need.

Veho, Jan 11 2007

Tape dispenser http://jodee.en.ali...penser/showimg.html
[Veho, Jan 11 2007]

Sticky Note Tape Dispenser http://fr.bizrate.c...s/oid406787495.html
...for the French, at least. [st3f, Jan 11 2007]

Memo Note Tape http://www.cooperso...&branch=&wcategory=
"The set contains two rolls of memo tape" - I'm afraid it might already exist..... [xenzag, Jan 11 2007]


       Can it be made in A4 please.
skinflaps, Jan 11 2007

       I think it was Scotch that used to make tape with a post-it type sticky side that you could write on. I loved it and would have yards all over my desk but they stopped making it. :(   

po, Jan 11 2007

       Excellent. Have a roll of pastry.
wagster, Jan 11 2007

       You can buy cigarette (or indeed, joint) papers like this. But having them stuck round your monitor sends out the Wrong Message.
calum, Jan 11 2007

       I don't often vote, but this post - it's right on the button.
Ling, Jan 11 2007

       Nah Ling, it's not stupid enough! +++++   

       I bet I use more stickies then anyone else on the face of the Earth. All kinds, colors, sizes, etc.   

       This is also a very doable product, and I believe it would sell like hotcakes. Bake it Veho, and I'll buy it.
blissmiss, Jan 11 2007

       SImple and necessary. I like it
energy guy, Jan 11 2007

       Uh oh veho, you've gotten yourself on the autobunner's shit list.
blissmiss, Jan 11 2007

       Love it... I'm always running out of room when I write on post-its. This would allow me to customize my post-it size so I would always have enough room.
flynn, Jan 11 2007

       I used something like this years ago. It consisted of a continuous wide roll of luminous paper dispensed by a serrated edge. It didn't work too well, but that had more to do with the age and quality of the roll than the idea itself. I'll see if I can find something with google.
st3f, Jan 11 2007

       I'm surprised [vernon] hasn't bunned it yet.
zeno, Jan 12 2007

       that's the stuff, st3f, i miss it - great fun!
po, Jan 12 2007

       zeno, that's so funny. I totally had forgotten about vernon's epic posts. Where has he gone off to I wonder?   

       Maybe he's a famous sci-fi author by now and we just don't know it.   

       Oh and the autobunner would be a good thing, so I think I'll leave the typo intact.
blissmiss, Jan 12 2007

       I can't take it anymore! IT WAS ME!!! My OCD wouldn't be able to handle post-its with serrated edges, g'AH! Get it away, get it away! I boned it, damn it! That's right! And I'd bone it again I tells ya! Gwahahaha! Why Lord?! Why? It was me. Oh woe, it was me. And now I feel wretched and alone... I'm sorry... I'm so, so sorry.   

theleopard, Jan 12 2007

       The epic writer's version would need to lead the roll-a-post away from them, so that as they write, and write, and write just a lickle bit more, they can pull off a bit more and continue down the roll...and a lickle bit more...and another thing...and pull off a bit more...and oops: run out of roll. Never mind, this roll-a-post can stick to the leader of the new roll, and look! I can write a little more, finally getting to the point somewhere down the third roll, when the header is halfway down the corridor, and then I can start to close the point, except that, there's just a few more reminders to jot down, and there we have it. I think. Yes, that's it. Time to stop. Until the next time, that is. Must make a note to stop doing this.
Ling, Jan 12 2007

       Well now there are 2.   

       So unless you have 2 accounts, the autoboner is still sleazing around here, tossing his bones about with total abandonment and glee, making bakers sad all over the world.   

       Autoboner, I hope your boner gets caught in your zipper! Ha.
blissmiss, Jan 12 2007

       well I didn't bone this - but it is baked, as shown in link I put up, which features memo tape as part of its contents. The French one is the same, so is there not a case for deletion here?
xenzag, Jan 12 2007

       [m-f-d] Already exists...   

theleopard, Jan 18 2007

       [admin: "Already exists" is not a reason for deleting something, unless it's widely known. (I don't think this is.) It's cool to point out that something already exists (it would be even nicer if you gave details - like a brand or details of the product), just hold off on the mfd. Thanks!]
jutta, Jan 18 2007


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