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post-it pistol

humiliate or just have fun
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I think that there should be a new innovation in the post it catagory of our lifestyle. There should be a "gun" although no leathal that would shoot post it's. It would come in handy if you ever get in that kick me situation in life, and no one would even now it was you. It could also be effective in leaving notes, it would have a voice activated typing system to save you from those I haven't got a pen times. All you would do is say what was needed point and shoot. Although making the technology to fire pieces of paper may be rough it would be useful and a great addition to the prankster arsenal of goods.
beancrock, Nov 08 2000


       Don't people get upset when you staple a 'kick me' sign to their backs?
StarChaser, Nov 09 2000

       Sounds like a Street Judges Lawgiver. "Kick Me" "Don't moove creep." Offender runs away and is apprehended later with a broken coxyx (spelling?).
Gimp, Jan 30 2001

       coccyx - oh has he gone?
po, Oct 26 2002


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