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Perfectly Sized Slices

Now everyone can cut a cake into seventhes!
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Ever had 6 guests and tried to cut 7 even slices? If you're as inept as me you'll find it a bit of a challenge. Various solutions crossed my mind: a serving dish with lines marking various sized slices, two hinged knives with a marker at the handle end displaying the size. But I thought most people already had good knives so why not use technology? How about a pen like device that you stick into the middle of the cake. The device has a dial on the top displaying the numbers 3-20. You simply select the desired number of slices and the device projects a slice (or all slices on the high-end version!) using lasers off a laser pen. Simple!
alistairwest, Dec 28 2004

Or modify po's laser knife to take care of the whole thing: lazy_20lasagne_20laser
[DrCurry, Dec 28 2004]

(??) What's that you say? You want 7 slices of pie? http://www.thegadge...m/078915011817.html
[half, Dec 28 2004]

(?) We have a set of these (one for round cakes, one for rectangular) http://www.cakecutt...stal/krystal_v.html
Add a guide or way to set the angle on this based on the number of slices. Probably very similar to your "hinged knife" concept. [half, Dec 28 2004]

(?) How to cut a cake in 7 http://www.youtube....UjQ&feature=related
Saint Clara movie starting minute 6:22 [pashute, May 11 2011]


       Another laser idea from the seventies.
mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004

       I dunno - I think this is a neat idea.   

       (Although how often are you faced with 6 guests all wanting exactly the same amount? Easier perhaps to use old fashioned cutting edge technology to cut the thicknesses people want for their first portion, then divide the rest amongst the people wanting seconds.)
DrCurry, Dec 28 2004

       I see consumer grade "laser levels" with multiple beams on the market. Maybe a modification of that.   

       There are also laser pointers with a rotatable head that turns the usual "dot" in to a pointing finger, arrow, crosshair, or other image. Why not images of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. intersecting lines?   

       Of course, there are existing mechanical gadgets to mark 7 or 8 equal divisions on a pie/cake.
half, Dec 28 2004

       Yeah, I appreciate you often want to ask guests how much they'd like, but I also often cut a smallish cake and prepare the plates in the kitchen. I then try to figure out who'd be least offended with the smaller ones!
alistairwest, Dec 28 2004

       Thanks Half :-)
alistairwest, Dec 28 2004

       Well my 'tude comes from research and lasers have other better uses as in equitable world-wide food distribution and this is just belittling an under-used tool. The laser knife is exibit ''A", that the kitchen is dead. It is a waste of time and too dangerous a place to spend time in, considering all the other things we could be doing in our short lives.   

       38,000 meals and 56,000 lbs. of vegetable cutting alone for the average marriage.   

       Bring on the BOTs.
mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004

half, Dec 28 2004

       Just thanking you for your contribution in case I make it!
alistairwest, Dec 28 2004

       No, no. Sorry, I understood you fine, [aw].   

       I was referring to the annotation above mine. I don't get it. The author of it starts out in a previous annotation with a sarcastic-sounding statement about laser ideas from the 70's then later seems to be proposing to use lasers to solve world hunger and eliminate kitchens from our homes.   

       "What?" is my standard response to annotations that seem non-sequitur, ambiguous and sometimes incoherent to me. I'm always willing to concede that it's just me being thick, but every once in awhile I gotta check.
half, Dec 28 2004

       Well, put a chocolate chip on my head and call me "Cookie!"
bristolz, Dec 28 2004

       Cookie. Now, a cookie, I know what to do with.
half, Dec 28 2004

       Sorry for the confusion Half, thx.   

       In response to peoples hunger issues, I'm sure we could all be spending more of our time solving world hunger. As for a more appropriate use of a laser pen how would you provide irrigation to millions without fresh water?   

       I'm also fairly sure that kitchen gadgets are not the cause of world hunger and that we can actually produce plenty of food to feed everybody but that distribution, political issues and suppression by countries such as ours are a much bigger cause of world hunger.
alistairwest, Dec 28 2004

       My mum used to keep a protractor in the kitchen to alleviate the inevitable scraps over who got the biggest piece of cake. It did the trick.
hazel, Dec 28 2004

       Mine kept a handgun and for the same reason.
bristolz, Dec 28 2004

       hah! mine kept a sense of humour.
po, Dec 28 2004

       [alistairwest] welcome to the halfbakery... nice idea +
jonthegeologist, Dec 28 2004

       (link: finally remembered what the thing was called that we use for cutting & serving cake. I think this is what you meant by "hinged knife", basically)
half, Dec 28 2004

       Thanks Jon, not as good an idea as this site though, brilliant :-)
alistairwest, Dec 28 2004

       i have to go and run a water line to the frozen river, I'll be right back with my manifesto.
mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004

       Yes Half, that's the sort of thing, except mine would have had some sort of marking to indicate the proportion of the cake about to be cut.
alistairwest, Dec 29 2004

       Keep kids out of the kitchen. Let them decide for themselves whether they want to be anthropologists or not.
mensmaximus, Dec 29 2004

       //Ever had 6 guests and tried to cut 7 even slices//   

       Throw the pizza into a blender, then pour the liquid into seven glasses - done.
phundug, May 12 2011

       Just raise the power and pulse it and you don't even have to cut...
Voice, May 13 2011


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