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Self-heating exothermic ramen

Add water to these ramen, and they heat themselves up!
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Adding quicklime ("considered safe by the FDA", sez bickabebia) to the ramen would save energy!
slater, Apr 30 2012


       [+] If they were chinese noodles, it would be a steam bun. The only problem is that the box is now worth more than the contents.
erenjay, Apr 30 2012

       [+] with ya right up to the babbling bit.   

       Calcium hydroxide is already used in food prep, but there's no energy saved since you have to make the quicklime first...   

       Needs an acid (citric or acetic's good) to balance out the pH or you'll be farting out liquid cement when it hits the HCl in the stomach.   

       Probably improve the taste.
FlyingToaster, Apr 30 2012

       I don't think we need to pay much attention to the FDA's opinion of building materials!
pocmloc, Apr 30 2012

       Just-add-water instant self-heating soup cups are nothing new. In fact, I'm reasonably certain Ramen even markets them, or did at some point. There are some on the market that don't even require additional water; you just break an internal seal and shake them or something. Furthermore they don't use anything nearly hazardous as quicklime.   

       US military MREs and some of their international equivalents have self-heating insert that can be used to make an improvised flash bomb using the hydrogen it releases during the exothermic reaction.
Alterother, Apr 30 2012

       //self-heating soup cups are nothing new.//   

       Yes, but they all use a chemical reaction which is compartmentalized away from the food. I think the idea here is that the chemical reaction happens _in_ the food.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2012

       Oh. Yum.
Alterother, Apr 30 2012

       It's a Lye!
4whom, Apr 30 2012

       Great idea... adding harmful industrial chemicals to stuff that isn't actually food as the civilised world understands it, and calling the result an improved food.   

       I don't do fishbones but this one comes close.
UnaBubba, Apr 30 2012


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