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Pot 'o Snot

Turbocharging your daily doings
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Ugh, how we hate colds - all blocked up and sniffly with puffy red eyes, nose red-raw from blowing, head sore from sneezing and that eternal ringing in the ears.

There's really only one mitigating factor regarding colds. You know the one. All that mucus going down the back of your throat, through your system and out the other end, easing the passage as it were. Things slip out more cleanly somehow in that slippery packaging. Less paper is wasted and less time is taken. All round things are just less messy. Wouldn't it be nice if your daily visit was like that every day? Well now it can be.

New "Pot 'o Snot" from Wagster Industries contains a synthetic sterile green mucus to coat your clinker in a layer of the good stuff. Just one tablespoon every morning will set you on the road to ez-wipe(TM) heaven. No longer do you have to suffer for your comfort, from today every day is just sit-n-go.

Now also available in brown.

wagster, Jul 22 2009


       Oh goody [+].
nineteenthly, Jul 22 2009

skinflaps, Jul 22 2009

       Does it stick to the bowl? I don't like things that stick to the bowl, otherwise, I'll try some.
xenzag, Jul 22 2009

       This just isn't gross enough. Good try though.
blissmiss, Jul 22 2009

       Don't worry [blissy], the De-Block Internal Blender System to deal with severe constipation is... in the pipeline.
wagster, Jul 23 2009


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