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Whisky Still on the Moon
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Distilling whisky is a tricky business, but one defining factor is getting the desired flavour compounds out of the mash whilst leaving behind those that are less welcome.

The distillation process is a balancing act where a single degree temperature difference can rapidly change the character of the product - some stills distill at a reduced air-pressure in order to better striate the vapours.

What better place to do this than ont'moon?

A long, slow distillation should be able to draw out a wider range of volatile flavour compounds in the spirit, which can then be put-down in casks to age as per the usual.

Rocketships can then be sent to the moon to resupply with mash, peat etc and collect the moon-aged liquour for distribution across the earth.

zen_tom, Oct 24 2012

It's getting closer https://www.bbc.co....y-shetland-67741864
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 19 2023]

Thank you [2 fries] I'd never heard that song before https://www.youtube...watch?v=uhMO9azmKNU
I like your lyric adaptation ! [normzone, Dec 23 2023]


       {And the call for chemists goes out from the Halfbakery}
normzone, Oct 24 2012

       A preliminary step for this is of course a Scottish space programme, which will allow for a Scotch territorial claim (flag: Connery recumbent, beneath a deep fried Irn Bru ice cream; motto: Honi Soit Qui Malky Fuck), without which any lunar spirit will be so much costly pish. I understand that there are vast reservoirs of free money under the North Sea, east of Wick, so there shouldn't be an issue with funding.
calum, Oct 24 2012

       can you specify where on the moon you intend to find these more stable temperatures? To my eye there are two climates on the moon: 1) Changes a lot. 2) Very cold.
WcW, Oct 24 2012

       ...y'hardly ever saw Grandaddy down here.
He'd only come to Earth 'bout twice a year.
He'd buy a thousand pounds of yeast and some copper line.
Everbody knew that he made moonshine...

       [WcW] the idea isn't to find an environment with more stable temperatures, but instead to benefit from lower atmospheric pressures to provide more control, and to also eek out more flavour, as per some of today's modern 'stilleries here on earth.   

       Also, //Honi Soit Qui Malky Fuck// = possibly the best thing I read this month
zen_tom, Oct 24 2012

       Can't claim that as my own, I'm afraid (though it is apt for me and for Scotland). It is a The Thick of It-ism.
calum, Oct 24 2012

       I went and looked it up to find that out, yet my appreciation for your appropriation of it remains undiminished.   

       Just to save others some time: "Evil* be upon those who fuck (with) Malky/Malcolm."   

       *alt.: 'Woe'   

       Concerning the Idea: in my family we make paint-peeling applejack (scumble) in the dead of winter by placing a wooden bucket full of hard cider on the porch and periodically skimming off the ice (this is not an original method, but I've never met anyone else who does it). When the transparency is roughly that of a gloved thumb held up to a cloud-covered moon, we know it's mature. You can get falling-down drunk just by setting a glass of it on the table and staring at it for a few minutes.   

       I can only imagine the quality of product that could be produced on the lunar surface using this method.
Alterother, Oct 24 2012

       I've heard of similar methods - let a barrel of cider freeze all winter, then pull the bung and ram a red hot poker through the ice. I'd like to try your method.   

       Just one problem...I live in Southern California. 30 minutes from the beach. At the foot of some mountains, so it does rain occasionally. Suggestions?   

       Perhaps "Popcorn" Sutton could help out.
normzone, Oct 24 2012

       It has occasionally been suggested that we could make our applejack in the summer by using the deep freeze, but this has been rejected on the grounds that A) it's not traditional and 4) after the third week it's not advisable to keep the stuff inside any structure you'd rather not have destroyed in a fiery explosion that smells vaguely of burnt apple pie.   

       Actually, the truth is that Dad brews his hard cider in October and usually racks it in December, so the traditional method of sticking it out on the back porch and electing the day's ice-skimmer by who is closest to sobriety just makes sense. I see no reason why it couldn't be done with storebought cider in an electric freezer, although the ancient wooden bucket we use lends its own subtle nuance to the taste, which is something akin to having molten lead poured across your tonsils, but in a good way.
Alterother, Oct 24 2012

       //I live in Southern California//   

       Oooh, it's so /adorable/ when you San Diegans say that!
ytk, Oct 24 2012

       They're getting cleverer and cleverer with distillation these days. I read an article recently about a deep sea underwater operation. [+]
21 Quest, Dec 19 2023

       Temperature control is a challenge - I could run my small still on the old stove in the previous apartment because it would go down to 180F, but in the new apartment/new stove it won't go below 200F, and the product is harsh.   

       165F to 180F is the optimal range.
normzone, Dec 23 2023

       [norm] switch to ˚C and you'll have no problem. 165-180˚C is right in the mid range for most commercially available stoves.
pocmloc, Dec 23 2023


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