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for those who choose to snooze
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It's lunch time and you need a break. It's time to pull your chair out, climb under your desk... and say hello to the Napinator-1000.

Your Napinator-1000 arrived last week and with four easy screws and access to a power point it was installed to the underside of your desk. Your Napinator comes in the form of a discreet console which contains:

1) Small flat-panel TV (should you wish for optimal dozing conditions);

2) Clip-lock container for whatever relaxants you might enjoy (patchouli wrist rub?);

3) Unclippable self-inflating roll-out mat with built-in pillow;

4) Radio alarm to avoid over-snoozing;

5) Eye mask;

6) Book clip and adjustable mini-light (read before snooze?) and;

7) Fold-out pull across curtain with "Do Not Disturb" printed on the outer surface.

The alarm sounds and you emerge with your favourite classical station still lilting gently in your ear.

Thanks Napinator-1000!

Nontaigne, Oct 13 2004

Seinfeld: "The Nap" http://www.tvtome.c...howid-112/epid-2392
First aired April 10, 1997 [krelnik, Oct 13 2004]

Power Nap Pod http://www.newyorkf...com/gifts/4118.html
A little like this maybe? [wagster, Oct 13 2004]


       I knew my napinator 500 would be obsolete before I got it.   

       Sounds like a lot of work for a snooze. how about I put my head back on my slightly unyielding office chair, let my jaw drop open and let the drool just roll down my chin in total oblivion to the world around me.   

       then I get fired, get to go home and sleep. works either way
dentworth, Oct 13 2004

       Unnecessary feature-creep masquerading as value....I close my office door, lie down behind my desk, put my head on a piece of packing foam, and throw my labcoat over my head. Thirty minutes, good as new again.
normzone, Oct 13 2004

       Sounds like you've been watching Seinfeld re-runs.   

       I would have no need - I have a sofa in my office :P Of course my boss naps on it more than me. Think it's annoying when your boss drops in? Try having him sleeping three feet from you!
ooys, Oct 13 2004

       When running conferences, we tend to store the set panels in big, soft, canvas bags. 8ft long, zippable and padded. Sooooo comfy when empty, and it's nice and dark backstage.
wagster, Oct 13 2004


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