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Monitor/Screen Blinds

You work/Play at the same time
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We all like playing network games. Most of the times it is when we've got lot of time. But it helps a lot as a stress buster when you've worked yourself to a workaholic and need a break. Also true is that some people have got lot of time at work (your boss, have you ever wondered what he/she does when you are the one doing everything). So why not play games / chat away to glory when you're at work and still be safe and appear to be working when your boss / colleagues watch your monitor/screen.

This device pretending to be a radiation reduction glass hung on your monitor actually has finely angled glass fiber combination (with built in chip so that it can act like an image viewer when programmed to). This serves by ensuring that who ever sees your screen from a distance greater than 1 feet and at an angle not between 10 degrees either way of being parallel to the monitor (which is the angle and distance at which you will be watching the monitor) will see the image or screenshot (appearing like the person is engaged in writing a detailed official mail) programmed onto the Blinds. This screenshot can be programmed to keep changing every specified interval to make it look as original as possible.

You've played! You've worked!

yourdenz, Jan 06 2007

Angle selective viewing http://www.tomshard...5/16/dti/page2.html
Displaying two different images, viewable from different angles [emjay, Jan 07 2007]


       Thanks man! Thats exactly how i wanted it. Any suggestions on how it can be made...what technology can be used
yourdenz, Jan 06 2007

       check out figure 3 in [link]. Something similar to that wouldn't be too hard and could be made as an add on with some relatively simple software...
emjay, Jan 07 2007

       First the "Boss Key" and now this! What will they think of next?
Jscotty, Jan 08 2007


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