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Screw it When a Repair is Needed

Designer pierced ear studs with graspable head than are the proper size for eyeglasses' hinge repair.
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Okay. You don't wear glasses, or you throw away shades when they're old? Maybe you won't get this, but for anyone who's lost a minute screw from the hinge of eyeglasses there is a quick fix.

A line of finely made fashion ear studs, with threading in standard sizes that mate to the tapped out hinges of eye wear. The 'jewelry' portion of the studs serves as a graspable area for the fingers, enabling less-adroit consumers to spin the screw down manually without using tweezers or a jeweler's screwdriver.

When sight is more important than looks.

reensure, Jul 17 2007

Optician's Screw Kit http://www.opticalv...n=Item&ItemCode=205
Contains most popular screws [reensure, Jul 17 2007]

Pierced Eyeglasses http://www.piercedglasses.com/
Yeah, not at all the same thing as the idea. But kind of similar and interesting. [Noexit, Jul 18 2007]


       I can get a eyeglass fix kit, with the screwdirver and a host of screws, at a dollar store, for a dollar. It's small enough to keep in your wallet, purse, glove box, or pocket.   

       Maybe a screw kept in the arm of the glasses, with a t-style screwdriver and spare screws.   

       For those of us who dont have pierced ears.
Giblet, Jul 17 2007

       I SO GET THIS. I used to wear glasses, and it's a bitch when you lose a screw. I like the idea of always having the repair parts on your person. I like the idea because I couldn't keep track of the repair kit (or sometimes your not wearing pants for an extended period of time in which you may require a quick fix)
evilpenguin, Jul 17 2007

       /not wearing pants for an extended period of time/ One more example of the confusion that may occur between citizens on opposite sides of the Atlantic...
david_scothern, Jul 17 2007

       Or the spectacle manufacturers coould try fixing what is very obviously a fundamental design flaw. I don't carry a spare door-hinge for my car. (Well, I used to when I had a mid-90's Jag, but that's another story.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 17 2007

       The savings to my managed care should afford me remote call-out repair service, with a screw and a smile.
reensure, Jul 17 2007

       Great idea. I've never worn glasses, but I'm fed up with fixing other people's.
wagster, Jul 17 2007

       // With all this memory metal around, I can't understand why spectacle frames aren't moulded in one piece anyway   

       How would the use of memory metals make it easier to mould spectacles from one piece? Do tell me more. Regardless:   

       1) Memory metal is expensive. We're not all rich.   

       2) Glasses need to be bent to fit our unique heads. One of your ears will be slightly lower than the other - we are far from symmetrical. Memory metals bend right back, making fitting them extremely difficult.   

       3) ah, whatever.   

       A good idea... but why not have some spare screws screwed into an unobtrusive part of the glasses? You only need one size that way, and you don't have to remember to wear the right ear studs.   

       I've always wondered why they don't use Nylock style nuts on glasses.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Jul 18 2007

       As a glasses wearer, and wearer of pierced earrings, I'm not sure how I feel about this idea. I suppose in a major emergency it could be helpful. I almost never close my glasses so loose screws aren't really a problem. Still, any port in a storm, right?   

       Check out my link, solves the problem altogether.
Noexit, Jul 18 2007


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