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Power card

A means to save energy, money and get fit
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One evening in the gym it occurred to me whilst the benfits of exercise are obvious the actual incentive to do some is often lacking. Many people, including myself, sometimes need an extra motive to get them to the gym or pool etc. It was then I thought of this idea. I don't know exactly how the technology behind it would work - but it's amazing what you can do nowadays you know.

Every member of a sports centre would be issued with a credit card device or an external mini pacemaker type thing which would record the amount of time the individual spent running/cycling/swimming. It would also measure the amount of energy expended/created. This information would act a little like loyalty cards work at supermarkets. The data would be equal to a quantity of energy (electric /gas/solar?). The individual would then recieve this amount free or off their energy bills.

It would enable people to get fit - the more exercise you do the more points you get - save money and reduce their energy bills. The amount of power an average city gym must generate with all the treadmills, bikes etc going must be quite a bit. This could be harnessed and used thus reducing the degree to which we rely on existing energy supplies.

Workable or treadmill induced madness?

ElectricRussell, Apr 24 2001


       Don't you think you'll need to go an awful lot of times to get enough points especially if it's anything like Sainsbury's loyalty cards! I'll be a skeleton by then!
LittleANgel, Apr 24 2001

       I like it. Mabye the gym could have a weekly prize for the most production. Free cake and icecream!
starvedison, Feb 03 2008

       I like it, but you wouldn't be generating *that* much power.   

       But on behalf of sedentary people everywhere I hereby decree that for each unit of power generated the donor gets 1 free cupcake.
FlyingToaster, Feb 03 2008

       Is this the first power generating gym idea or are there older ones?
marklar, Feb 03 2008

       The first link points to an older one.
jutta, Feb 03 2008


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