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S&M Gym

Combines the services of a dominatrix and a personal trainer.
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With today's busy schedules, who has time to get to the gym and Madam Payne's Pleasure Dungeon? The S&M Gym would combine these two popular services into one convenient package. Members would perform degrading, humiliating, menial exercises while being "motivated" by a leather-clad, riding crop-weilding dominatrix/personal trainer. For some people this would be just the kind of motivation they need to get in shape,while indulging their desire to be put down and degraded.
Newshound, Oct 13 2010

The S&M Cafe http://www.sandmcafe.co.uk/
Gourmet Sausage and Mash [zen_tom, Oct 13 2010]


       I can't believe this doesn't already exist
hippo, Oct 13 2010

       what [hippo] said and [IT] as well of course.
po, Oct 13 2010

       It does exist. It's called American Marine Corps.
xenzag, Oct 13 2010

       "Feel the burn!"
[insert sound of bull whip cracking here]
DrBob, Oct 13 2010

       There's a great restaurant near Spitalfields market called S&M who serve a really rather good Sausage and Mash. The addition of a gym to help alleviate guilty-feelings post S&M indulgence might be a good thing.
zen_tom, Oct 13 2010

       I want to make sweet love to this idea.
Voice, Oct 13 2010


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