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reciprocal gardening workout

garden for an hour a week and get free gardening services
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I used to work as a gardener, but now, as an engineering student, I find that I don't have the opportunity to do any physical labor, which forces me to go to the gym (which I find hamster-cage useless). Yesterday, while helping a friend paint his house, I thought - What if there was a way for me to do only one or two hours of gardening work a week? I would have to find a gardener willing to take me as a helper for short periods, and I will be gone so quickly it would be more of a hassle for him. But if there was an organization designed specifically for assigning highly physical labor in short periods of time (around 40 minutes), I would be glad to come and enjoy some productive exercise. But why volunteer? You can earn “time points” for your labor and after a while, you can have people come to help you clear out your garage / move / any other physical labor!
supershnitzel, Aug 11 2009

Manly Gym Manly_20Gym
Is it possible to create pilates/yoga gardening? [marklar, Aug 11 2009]

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       Interesting, it could go well with my Manly Gym idea.
marklar, Aug 11 2009

       didn't we just do this ? segued into "homes for the homeless" or whatever....
FlyingToaster, Aug 11 2009

       A bottle of decent $20 - $25 wine (or a large bucket of really good beer) a couple of nice ribeyes, stuffed baked potato (or fries or mashed, or hell or both) and salad and nice bread for you and your SO, served in my gazebo. I will even serve. I was a waiter, and a damned good one. The steak will be perfect, and I can make a reduction sauce for the steak that will make you want to weep.   

       And I can do butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage sauce (with crispy fried sage garnish) if you are vegetarian. Homemade ice cream and just about any kind of pie you like for desert.   

       I would do this for anyone who has a truck and wants to come haul a relatively small pile of trash from my back yard. I don't have a truck, and I enjoy cooking a whole lot more than hauling.
nomocrow, Aug 11 2009

       I used to live in a big old house with a large overgrown yard. Periodically someone would volunteer to trim hedges or trees just because they like that kind of exercise. We needed all the help we could get.
normzone, Aug 11 2009

       Our church youth group used to go wash windows or weed gardens for elderly ladies that couldn't do it for themselves. It would be nice to set up an organization where you get a workout and they get small tasks done around the yard.
paix120, Aug 11 2009

       This technically falls under bartered-goods/services and is government regulated.
twitch, Aug 11 2009

       //if you volunteer enough hours, they build you a house of your own//
intriguing notion... do you get to design it ? :)
FlyingToaster, Aug 11 2009

       don't get me wrong - I'm sure it's baked SOMEWHERE around the world. but these things need 1.better marketing , 2.improved logistics, internet and all. thanks for the comments!
supershnitzel, Aug 13 2009


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