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Power/air conditioning

Convert heat to power/chilling effect
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something encouraging for chain smokers : though i have never measured the temperature at the lighted (burning) end of cigarette, it seems pretty high. moreover, when smoke is sucked (inhaled), the intensity of simmering fire increases and so does the temperature. 1) the heat to power converter would be a micro CCVT (closed cycle vapour turbine) that can be mounted on cigarette.the heat input area of ccvt would move along the flame as cigarette length reduces. condenser part of the machine would be close to nostrils so that forced cooling (function similar to air blower) is performed every time smoker exhales.power would be stored in a chargeable battery. 2)the heat to chilling effect converter machine would be simply a micro version of the old age heat driven domestic refrigerators. chilled water would be used by the smoker for personal air conditioning.
vedarshi, Jun 02 2004


       Next we’ll have somebody building a generator to take advantage of spontaneous human combustion. (Not a bad idea, actually. How about: put steam generator under seat. Body burst into flames, heats chair. Steam powers turbine, turbine turns generator that powers satellite phone that then automatically calls paranormal investigators. Investigators arrive. Official report states fire started by cigarette, body charred by escaping superheated steam.)
ldischler, Jun 02 2004

       ccvt doesn't work on superheated steam.it is completely sealed unit filled with low boiling point fluid.
vedarshi, Jun 02 2004

       Yes, that's why he used butane, much to his regret.
ldischler, Jun 02 2004

       because he did not quit smoking. had he quit smoking, he would have saved even more power spent in manufacturing cigarette, lung cancer treatment drugs etc.etc.
vedarshi, Jun 02 2004


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