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Portable Smoky Haze

Some good nostalgia without the lung cancer...
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I'm sure everyone here has a negative view of the smoky haze - perhaps an image of an illegal gambling den, or a densely-packed bar. But I've always had positive feelings for the smoky haze, the feature of many a hostage-rescue-mission-planning-room, or tense-cabinet-decision-meeting. It brings forth the impression of hard-work like nothing else, but with the new smoking-laws recently passed in Britain, the era of the smoky haze may be on it's way out.

Not, however, with the Portable Smoky Haze. Essentially a box filled with compressed-smoke (science chaps help me out here, I'm guessing CO2 crystals would work but there may be something better), which will expand when opened into a non-toxic, fully-expandable Smoky Haze. Whether it's a board-room meeting or a hospital waiting room, nothing creates that intense atmosphere like a Smoky Haze.

Mr Phase, Feb 24 2006

Portable Smoky Haze http://www.dantecdy...m/PE/fog/Index.html
not sure but...... [jhomrighaus, Feb 25 2006]


       I forgot the ever-present smoky haze in airport traffic-control rooms, where the heroes struggle to guide a damaged plane in safely.
Mr Phase, Feb 25 2006

       Would be especially effective if it could be somehow directed, using a hidden remote control, to swirl around a particular person, getting up their nose and annoying them greatly, in the same way as passive smoke used to inevitably find me. Also could take the form of non smokeable cigarettes, that nevertheless emit harmless smoke. I like it a lot. A smoking bun for you +
xenzag, Feb 25 2006

       Portable Haze all in my eyes,
don't know if it's day or night,
you've got me blowing, blowing my mind
is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

       I would like to see a portable, nontoxic smoking mushroom cloud.+
jellydoughnut, Feb 25 2006

       the dry ice generators can do exactly this. also this invention would probably cause more trouble than it solves (none). the smokey haze in all of these films are due to that fact that their lives are pretty crap and they are either going to turn to got or cigarettes. this haze will just get people depressed and want a cigarette, which with te new laws they cannot. so this is pretty useless........
mistro, Feb 25 2006

       "the dry ice generators can do exactly this"   

       Not true. Have you ever actually seen the smoke that issues from dry ice generators? It billows forth, thick and white, and hangs around the floor for hours obscuring everyone's view.   

       I'm talking about a haze that resembles cigarette smoke in everything exept content: It should hang in wisps near the ceiling, giving everything in the surroundings a grey tint, curling tendril-like towards the nostrils of those who dislike smoking the most.
Mr Phase, Feb 25 2006

       An essential addition to every poker night anywhere.
Germanicus, Feb 26 2006


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