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post-coital exhalations

20 cigarettes?
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well, i was just trying to add a zany aspect to a legitimate idea. I would gladly buy a pack with a few cigarettes. What am i going to do with 20 cigarettes? I don't smoke that much, and the pack is too big and too bulky. (sooo 1950's)

I'd like to buy a pack of 2, (maybe 5) smoke one and share one, toss the mess, and go on about my bees wax.

It would seem a GREAT marketing ploy. and it would get a lot of us quitters back on the habit. (cough cough)

So there it is... a packet of 2 or 5 cigarettes. You could charge a LOT more per cigarette, and America certainly needs the dollars. Well Euros. Since not even organized crime will take Dollars these days. <link>

r_kreher, Aug 02 2008

Gangstas dump Dollah http://news.yahoo.c...emoney_080822212441
[r_kreher, Aug 24 2008]


       That's what bumming is about. Just stand at a corner of a busy pedestrian intersection and ask strangers for a smoke. You'll soon have as many or few as you wish.   

       el dueno
el dueno, Aug 24 2008

       I like the idea...reminds me of the old "C Ration" packet of...um...I can't recall...I think it was five smokes in a pack..might have been four. and you got a variety to ry them all.   

       Wne I was a smoker and ran out among strangers, I would go up to someone and say, "Hey, have you got a light, please?" And the person would automatically flip out a book of matches or ligher...and then see I had no cigarette...They would then say, "Well, where's your cigarette?" And I would smile and say, "Gee, I was hoping you might spring for that, too. It would be a shame to waste such a good light."   

       They would laugh a bit and pull out the pack and shake one out."
Blisterbob, Aug 25 2008

       Back in the "(g)olden days" of flying, airlines gave out free packs of cigarettes to smokers on their flights. They were a thin pack that held 5 cigarettes. That way, you could enjoy a post-meal cigarette. Then, you could sit in the lounge in the back of the plane and play a game of cards, given free to passengers requesting them.
Klaatu, Aug 25 2008

       that's the ticket. a thin pack of cigarettes.
r_kreher, Aug 25 2008

       //Gee, I was hoping you might spring for that, too. It would be a shame to waste such a good light."//   

       Hey Blisterbob... I was wondering if you might have a match so I could light my barbeque. And it would be a shame to waste this nice fire, so do you have any extra sirloins?
r_kreher, Aug 25 2008


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