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mobile e-meds

e-cigarette-like drug delivery in your smart phone
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An e-cigarette attached to a mobile device that delivers your meds according to a scheduling system. Or this could be game or reward based -- finish your homework, get your meds.
JesusHChrist, Jun 27 2013


       Are you still having a problem quitting?
xandram, Jun 28 2013

       I've already quit 3 times today, real cigarettes that is, and I have e- cigarettes to ease each withdrawal.
JesusHChrist, Jun 28 2013

       Our* best friend is using E-cigs with about 80% effectivity. She declined my new 100% effective assisted quitting method, wherein for the modest fee of $134 per day I follow you around with a 12 lb splitting maul and do something R-ratedly violent to you whenever you light up.   

       Oh, right, the idea. It's not terrible, so [+].   

       * not 'our' in the Borg way, I mean my wife and I. We have the same friends. People wonder sometimes...
Alterother, Jun 28 2013

       I think that the most effective way to quit is to chew up a cigarette every time you crave one. The cravings go away pretty quickly.
normzone, Jun 28 2013


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