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Powered Bouncy Ball

A ball that goes higher instead of lower with each bounce.
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A cylinder with fins and tank on one end and a rod with a ball on it at the other end.
(see web site link)

(1) When this hits the ground (ect.) the ball/shaft/piston is pushed into the cylinder. (2)The piston presses on pump partially in wall ( __/-\__ ) injecting diesel (or other appropriate fuel) into contracting chamber. (3) Contracting chamber reaches critical pressure/size, fuel ignites. (4) Depending on speed at impact, size of Pball, mass of Pball, the burning mixture either immediately forces the piston assembly out, or (less efficiently) contracts even more before reversing direction. (5) The Pball is propelled upwards and the fins cause it to face the new direction of motion ready for the next collision.

Notes: the piston is stopped at the end of it's stroke (before it leaves the cylinder) and air is allowed to exchange through holes slightly behind the piston in this position.

Alternatively, this could be powered with compressed air (released by hitting valve with piston (or something else?)) estimated bounces for this type of Pball (1/2 liter, 150 psi container (1liter), 30 (max)-15 psi launch pressure) is 6-7. Did I do this wrong?

my-nep, Nov 16 2003

(??) Picture! http://mysite.veriz...erine.holt/gal1.htm
1st one on the page. [my-nep, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Wrong? Well...the idea isn't quite that original. I'm assuming you know what flubber is, so I don't need to tell you why the concept of a ball bouncing higher and higher just isn't a new concept.   

       This is a different approach, though, and I will give you credit for that. Of course, the question arrises as to what the hell we're actually supposed to be looking at here. Try linking to a picture. Perhaps you have a somewhat viable, if purposeless, concept here...but my inner engineer seems to indicate otherwise.
Overpanic, Nov 16 2003

       You seem to be redefining the word "ball" - this is more like a self-motivated pogo stick.
DrCurry, Nov 17 2003

       I guess you are right [ Dr.curry ], would you like me to change the wording?
my-nep, Nov 18 2003

       It would be slightly tricky to arrange for the piston to be vertical at each bounce, or for an obliging jet of gas to be positioned directly under the ball. Gyroscopes anyone?
gnomethang, Nov 18 2003

       Why does it have to be vertical? If it hits at an angle it reverses direction. If you think it might hit side ways you'v never played with darts!   

       -I with draw that...your just haven't thrown darts from _long_ distances.
my-nep, Nov 24 2003

       Why is this under [product: toy: adult ]? Not every adult wants a potentially dangerous bouncy ball. Lots of adults don't even want a normal bouncy ball!(I, on the other hand, do.) This should be unter [product: toy: ball]. Or, better yet, [product: toy: crazy bouncy balls]. Sadly, that doesn't exist...yet!
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 27 2007

       how about [product:toy:ball:not a ball at all]
Custardguts, Sep 27 2007


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