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Powerpoint Micropayments

Turn "thought dollars" into "hard cash"
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I make a lot of "slide decks" (why are they called this by the way? - such a stupid name with its connotations of ships, soap, slipping, man overboard, ...)

Each time someone views my slides, I want some money. This will encourage me to make more. Good ideas earn money; rubbish ones wither and die.

Surely those blighters at Microsoft can figure this out?

DenholmRicshaw, Jun 08 2014

Origin of phrase "slide deck" http://en.wikipedia...iki/Slide_projector
Basically, a group of processed-film-photographs in frames designed to be mechanically handled by a projection system, for individual/sequential display upon a reflective screen via high-intensity lamp. [Vernon, Jun 09 2014]


       As in a deck of cards, perhaps?
RayfordSteele, Jun 08 2014

       I thought this would be for people suffering through a dire presentation, pay to make the idiot slideshow go away or stop working or something.
pocmloc, Jun 08 2014

       I suspect there are ways to do this. There are plenty of sites where image files can be bought or licensed for use, so I imagine the same thing can be done for PowerPoints.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 08 2014

       I was hoping it would be a form of overtime pay in which employers would have to give additional pay for each slide in a powerpoint presentation.
DIYMatt, Jun 08 2014

       I'd pay to stop some powerpoints. That would lead to a nightmarish feedback loop leading to rubbish powerpoint creators becoming billionaires.
DenholmRicshaw, Jun 09 2014

       That's already happened, Bill Gates being a case in point ...
8th of 7, Jun 09 2014


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