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Remote Shaking Hand

Meeting money saver
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At the start of meetings, protocol demands that everyone shake hands with everyone else. In large meetings, this can be particularly awkward as people stand up, mill around, trip over bags and wires, commit the social faux-pas of shaking hands twice or worse, not at all and so on.

I propose a rechargeable mechanical right hand with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity as well as motion sensing, gripping and moving capability. Everyone gets one and pairs with everyone else in the room. To shake hands, two people pair their hands and shake in the normal way. The movement and gripping of one hand is transmitted to the other and vice versa.

Each hand remembers the other hands it has shaken recently and also warns if an available hand hasn't been shaken yet.

Upgrades to modify the shaker's personality are also available. For example:

- Secret masonic
- Dominant crusher
- Limp wristed
- French

It should pay for itself very quickly indeed.

DenholmRicshaw, Dec 10 2008

Animatronic_20Subti..._20for_20the_20Deaf similar technology [hippo, Dec 11 2008]

Richard Feynman proposed something like this http://www.multitra...Feynman%5CChapter35
Scroll 3/4 the way down: "In America," I said, "we could make this more efficient. We would design a machine to shake hands." [neelandan, Dec 12 2008]


       How about a highly-specialised, trained actor who stands at the door and shakes the hands of all the attendees as they enter and then, having memorised their handshakes, proceeds around the room and delivers all of them to each person, stating the name of the shaker with each one?
theleopard, Dec 10 2008

       Germaphobes of the world, rejoice!   

phoenix, Dec 11 2008

       Creeping is an optional extra.
DenholmRicshaw, Dec 11 2008

       Nice - this would also work over phone or videoconferencing links
hippo, Dec 11 2008

       So, it's just floating around or something?
daseva, Dec 11 2008

       To protect against the possibility of losing one's personal shaking hand whilst boating, it will have to float when it inevitably falls out of the coat pocket.
DenholmRicshaw, Dec 11 2008

       Yes! Can it also work long-range for video-conferencing? Have a remotely shook bun.
MadnessInMyMethod, Dec 11 2008

       I think I like [theleopard]'s idea. I've never seen a handshake impersonator before.
normzone, Dec 11 2008

       I too think [theleopard]'s idea is great. How about extending it to be the Remote Shaking Impersonator?   

       Have two people, skilled in the art of handshake impersonation, in order that shake simultaneity can be achieved. The impersonators would communicate, using left hand signals of course, to convey the pumpiness, squeeziness and sweatiness of each shake in real time. Truly skilled operatives will be able to sweat appropriately on demand.   

       I imagine the UN will have to employ people like this to accompany visiting delegations unwilling, for hygiene reasons, to participate in handshaking rituals.
DenholmRicshaw, Dec 12 2008

       "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!" - published Feb 1985 <link>   

       Prior art
neelandan, Dec 12 2008


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