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Remote chalkboard with different chalk for each participant?

Participants from various locations can add identifiable elements to a whiteboard during an online conference meeting.
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My company is global and we have meetings to discuss design proposals. If only one designer starts sketching with a stylus in the browser window, it's easy to tell who has control and is doing the sketching. But sometimes control is passed to multiple people and we end up with many sketches on our screen. What if each sketcher's input stylus or mouse was assigned a unique color and maybe an annotation so everyone could see who sketched/wrote the different items displayed? Maybe something like this already exists.
stirrednotshaken, Dec 03 2012

a VERY quick search shows that this is already somewhat baked! http://prmac.com/release-id-39758.htm
[xandram, Dec 03 2012]

Cacoo www.cacoo.com
a colaborative chalkboard and then some [marklar, Dec 04 2012]


       Welcome to the halfbakery [stirrednotshaken]. I like your screen name, but //maybe something like this already exists// means you have not checked to see? I'll have to go check now and get back to you. Meanwhile, read the Help File until I get back.(it seems like a good idea.)
xandram, Dec 03 2012

       The only shared remote whiteboard I’ve had much experience with is Cisco Webex’s (I’m not recommending it – the product is IMHO overpriced, its whiteboard clunky – my biz has it, so I use it a lot). It lets you pick your marker color, so if everybody cooperates, you can each use a different color, though it’s not automatic or automatically annotated.   

       I’ve seen a few other whiteboard software vendors offer “customization” options that might let you make a color-to-participant automatic and/or locked. If not, there’s at least one open source whiteboard program, scrumblr, which, you could fork and make do anything you want, if your company has that sort of programming in its skillset.   

       Addition to the idea: hover over a line and get a popup caption naming who drew it.
CraigD, Dec 03 2012

       I'd say with certainty without knowing specifically that this definitely exists.
rcarty, Dec 04 2012

       Cacoo [link]
marklar, Dec 04 2012


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