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Pre-apportioned meat packaging

Meat packaging trays with pre-apportioned sections
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Here's an idea for grocery stores:

You know when you buy a big tray of 10 or 12 pieces of chicken, beef, pork etc? ...and then you have to go home and wrap each one in cellophane separately before they go in the freezer so that you have usable portions for 1- or 2-person dishes?

I think the grocery stores should package the meat into the same foam tray, but it should have pre-apportioned sections that are divided by perforations, each of which is entirely isolated from the other in the tray by the final plastic wrapping which would seal each "compartment".

Then all you gotta do is tear of as many as your need, and voila! Dinner just for 2!

Hey, do I get royalties for this??

emlyn, May 29 2003

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       you want cash? silly boy. croissant for a nice 1st post.
po, May 29 2003

       I don't find it particularly difficult or tedious to break-up meat into serving sized portions for freezing. The packagers will probably not get the portion size I want anyway.   

       <BNL> They have pre-wrapped sausages, but they don't make pre-wrapped bacon. </BNL>
ato_de, May 30 2003

       Great idea! Would be great if I could also purchase the product based on my need. If just for me and the family for 1 meal, I break off three sections and purchase. For a dinner party, I can take 8 sections. Maybe each section could be vacuum packed for freshness.
TitaniumZ, May 30 2003


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