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Pre-pair Socks

Pair up socks before hanging them up
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Everyone I know who uses a clothes-line will peg socks to the line, collect them when they're dry, and pair them up. And we all know that pairing up is tedious, time-consuming and usually unsuccessful.

My idea: pair them up BEFORE hanging them out to dry! Peg up the pairs.

My experimental results: out of ten washloads, five pre-paired and five post-paired, the pre-sock-pairing was invariably faster and better. I can't explain why this should be, and nor can I explain why more people don't pre-pair. When I try to explain this invention to people, they laugh at me and explain that there can't possibly be a difference. Well, there is! and I hope you folks on half-baked will understand. (PS. this is my first contribution, so please "understand" gently!)

NB. Can any tumble-drier-using people report whether it works for them as well, please?

ljw1004, Sep 13 2003

http://www.wizzpeg.com/ Inexplicably raising this idea to the level of a product: special clothespins for socks. [jutta, Sep 15 2005]


       My mother used to do this, way back when. Possibly she still does.
DrCurry, Sep 13 2003

       there should be some kind of sock stapler that leaves no holes that you can use immediately after taking them off.
po, Sep 13 2003

       I just wear the same pair of white socks for about 4 weeks straight and then just throw them away when they are black...
DeathNinja, Sep 13 2003

       or run away on their own...
po, Sep 13 2003

       Or just buy cheap white socks, wear them once, and toss them. Sweatsocks are cheap enough to be almost disposable already, I am suprised nobody sells socks you are supposed to throw away after once use.
pdp, May 04 2004

       Or just buy lots of socks that are the same. I have at least 12 pairs of identical socks. So "pairing" is just grabbing two socks.
GenYus, May 04 2004

       This isn't really an idea.
MikeOliver, May 04 2004

       Ummm.... Ho-kaaay...
mailtosalonga, Sep 15 2005

       This is actually consumer advice, but as jutta hasn't MFDed it, I sure won't!
ldischler, Sep 15 2005


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