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Shoelace Socks

Maybe I should have called them Loopies...
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This is just a pair of socks with a little (yet strong) thread attached to both of them. The base of the thread will be attached to the sock via a tightly constructed loop. When you are finished wearing your Shoelace socks just tie the little hanging ends of the 2 ropes together using a shoelace knot. Presto! Viola! Attatched socks! When you're ready for a new pair just untie the knot and wear the socks just like normal ones. As an added bonus, if you don't want to use the threads anymore you could just cut them off.
croissantz, Jan 18 2005

Snap together socks http://www.amazon.c...97-3242554?v=glance
I've dodged this one by only buying one color of sock, and not caring. [tiromancer, Jan 19 2005]


       If the strings were long, you could also use them as garters. If they were really long, you could use them to keep your shirt tucked.
robinism, Jan 18 2005

       If they were reaaaally really long, you could tie your shoes with them with one end, then tie the other to a bridge, then bungy jump.
Pericles, Jan 18 2005

       And if they were even longer than that, you'd . . . uhm . . . you'd . . . BE ABLE TO EAT THE STRING AND THREAD YOUR INTESTINES!   

       Oh, and [+]. It might make for messy tangles in the washing machine, though. Still, I suppose if you washed them untied and then tied them to toss in the drawer, it'd be better than folding the elastic over and needlessly stressing it.
contracts, Jan 18 2005

       No tangles in the washing machine, if you tie them tight against each other.
robinism, Jan 18 2005

       Maybe tying them together will be a way of finally ending this wave of single-sock-loss in every wash?
fridge duck, Jan 19 2005

       Erm...that was the point, I think.
squeak, Jan 20 2005

       I thought this was going to be an idea for socks with laces in them for tying your shoes. Simply insert laces from socks through lace-holes in shoes. However this wouldn't offer any extra advantage over the current practice of having laces unattached from socks.
cuckoointherye, Jan 21 2005

       It's kinda like that (Tiromancer's) link's sock with buttons, but with string.
croissantz, Apr 14 2005


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