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Unique Identifiers for Socks

For matching
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For each sock design, stich a somewhat unique number on the sole. Similar but different socks are often difficult to discern when matching, a problem that would be solved using a numbered code.

The numbers wouldn't really have to be globally unique - 4 or 5 digits would make it unlikely that you'd own 2 pairs of different socks with the same number.

Worldgineer, May 15 2006

a solution http://semacode.org
you could stitch a semacode pattern in the bottom. lovely. [neilp, May 15 2006]


       Or just buy two dozen identical socks. Any two make a pair.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 15 2006

       What Galbinus said.
baconbrain, May 15 2006

       Certainly a solution. But must it be the only one?
Worldgineer, May 15 2006

       More than one solution to a problem? That is like saying there can be more than one American Idol! More than one Apprentice! That is unAmerican! You must pick the one solution that everyone else does.   

       But, no, you are right, there are other ways to sort socks. sigh.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 15 2006

       Thanks [Worldgineer] for not declaring RFID as the answer. It's nice to see simple solutions for simple problems.
Texticle, May 15 2006

       there are always *5 digits* in each of my socks....
xandram, May 15 2006

       I have a brother who lost a toe in a motorcycle accident. Would he have a nine digit code?
normzone, May 15 2006

       For the innumerate, use animals instead of numbers. Penguin goes with penguin. OOps, it's been baked--Garanimals clothes.
luxlucet, May 15 2006

       Or, give each package of socks (for us who buy socks in bulk) a specific number, that way you could tell both which socks match, and how old they are.
PollyNo9, May 15 2006

       I simply number my sock pairs with a black Vivid marker when I buy them (at least, the ones that are the same) so I don't get them mixed up in the wash.
It means the pair wears at the same rate too, otherwise you run the risk of (accidentally) using one sock of a type more than all the others, so it wears out much faster.
Saves the sock manufacturer from adding the complexity of a changing number to their Sock-o-matic (or whatever they use to make socks).
neutrinos_shadow, May 15 2006

       The technical name is a Sock-a-tron. But that is only for the decoy socks. The real ones come from a galaxy far, far away and enter our Earth through conveniently-placed portals. Good luck to you trying to number those; they are evil and more than able to hold their own.
methinksnot, May 15 2006

       Yes I intended the manfacturer to add this, not the consumer. I'd perfer to keep it simple to reduce visual burden. Plus I would rather not to have a left or right sock - that would certainly increase effort for matching and dressing.
Worldgineer, May 15 2006

       + The long tragic affair of sock E45-23A
Zimmy, May 16 2006

       seriously, [world], check out semacodes (link), they're what you want.
neilp, May 16 2006

       Thanks, but I want something as human-readable as possible. I don't want to scan my socks with my cell phone while sorting. Unless you're implying the creation of an automatic sock sorting machine...
Worldgineer, May 16 2006


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