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Pre-toasted bread

To finish off in the microwave
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Passing through my R and D department [the kitchen] I encountered one of my grandsons, the one who changes his apartments more often than his socks.

"They're in your washer," he said looking at his bare feet.

"I'm looking at your cheese-toast not your feet. Did you do it in the microwave. Why isn't it soggy?" I said.

"Because I toasted it first. In my last place whoever had an early lecture did a stack of toast. Late risers put what they fancy on it and bunged it in the micro for a few seconds. Doesn't everybody do that? It doesn't go soggy."

"Don't know," I said. "See you later," and hurried to my computer with the words "Market microwave- ready bread" in mind.

I found plenty of pre-toasted muffins, nuts etc. but no specific references to standard bread pre-toasted for re-heating in the microwave.

rayfo, Jul 07 2001

Peter's not wrong... http://bbguideonlin...pes/data/bk896.html
(not the best link for this, but I couldn't stop myself) [lubbit, Jul 07 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I never though to toast a cheese sandwich first. Probably changes the whole experience. +
crunkindonuts, Dec 20 2003

       The ultimate in laziness.   

       Would it come pre-buttered, too?
Cedar Park, Dec 20 2003

       I thought I invented this, oh well....been calling it bachelor grilled cheese for years
normzone, Dec 21 2003


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