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Pregnancy Sleep Chamber

Special sleep chamber that allows pregnant women to sleep comfortably
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The idea for the pregnancy sleep chamber is just in the beginning stages and was inspired by my friend Ali (8 months pregnant). She has been complaining about being tired all the time because she can't find a comfortable position to sleep in and has to take a trip to the bathroom every 20 minutes. Therefore, the sleep chamber must accomplish these 2 major goals:

1) accomodate a large belly (a major obstacle to comfort)

2) somehow allow for peeing without having to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes (a major obstacle to sustained sleep)

I was thinking about a chamber using some type of modified hammock with a "cut-out" that would support a woman's weight without crushing the baby. The chamber would have a built-in drain for "on-the-spot" peeing with a "hose-down" feature for cleaning.

OK. Let's hear your ideas!

captain_midnight, Aug 16 2000

Apparatus for facilitating the birth of a child by centrifugal force. http://colitz.com/s...3216423/3216423.htm
A way to get Mom to give a little quicker...Or get divorced in one hell of a hurry for suggesting it... [StarChaser, Aug 16 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

// without having to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes // http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Robotoi
[phundug, Oct 04 2004]


       Saw plans once for making a 'maternity mattress'...get a couple of fairly firm foam mattresses, stack them, and cut a cone out of the center. Put the pieces in place, normal mattress. Put the bottom mattress on top with the piece removed, small depression for early pregnancy. Top on top, both pieces removed, deep depression.   

       As to how to pee without getting up or just letting go, you're not going to get that without a catheter.
StarChaser, Aug 17 2000

       You HAVE to see this thing! Thank you,Starchaser.
thumbwax, Sep 18 2000

StarChaser, Sep 18 2000

       And then you have essentially de-potty trained yourself and you'll have to learn all over again. ...
arghblah, Mar 29 2001

       Man, I was just thinking about this thing yesterday! Thanks again, Starman!
thumbwax, Mar 29 2001

       people who are stuck in the hospital for some time with a catheter usually dont have to re-potty train themselves. besides, adults have a considerable ammount more control over their bladder then children. and certainly an easier time recognizing when they need to go. Also, part of having to go to the bathroom through out the night is the situation of being pregnant, with that removed, it is much less likely that a woman would need to get up every 20 minutes to pee. thus making the chances of this de-training having any negative effects very much decreased.
Puresoul, Apr 13 2003

       Don't know what to do about the peeing, apart from a catheter or something similar, but for comfort, what about a hammock of sorts that's suspended underwater, with some sort of headrest to prevent drowning?
Tabbyclaw, Sep 01 2003

       Well Tabby, I think sleeping in a partially underwater hammock would probably require the sleeper to pee herself, whether she was on a 20 minute "schedule" or not. You know the old trick of sticking a sleeper's hand in warm water so they'll pee the bed/sleeping bag?   

       Also, if you sleep in water, you'll be a prune in no time. And having once slept with my finger in ice water due to a pretty good burn, and suffered more from the extended immersion than the burn - you think a pregnant woman is moody & cranky as a normal part of pregnancy, imagine how she'd be after prolonged immersion. I don't think the water thing is the solution.   

       I think memory foam is probably the best way to go. Pregnant women are supposed to sleep on their left side more than other positions, if I recall my experience correctly, so I don't think the mattress thing would help. Can't quite imagine how one would get her very pregant belly outta the mattress hole. Especially if she had to hop up for her 20 minute pee break...   

       I think the 8 month being tired all the time is part of prepping for midnite feedings & other manner of sleeplessness coming up. Fully sympathize with your friend Cap. I had a body pillow that I used to fold & bend & stuff around me to support me however felt right. She'll probably start to sleep right again in about... 5 years... ;-)
BayRatt, Sep 02 2003

       Possibly a water bed might be an improvement. Pressure per area is substantially equalized over the supported surface. However to compensate for the added mass and more closely approximate the density may I suggest filling it with custard. I don't have a solution if she needs to pee but if she gets hungry...
kamenmann, Sep 04 2003


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