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Pregnant Woman's Value-Meal

"I'll take the number 7, with extra pickles."
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The one-stop meal deal for those wild cravings, so the guys don't end up driving all over town, and the women get their food faster.

The pregnant woman's Value Meal comes with 2 Whoppers with everything, large fries, your choice of Ben & Jerry's Ice-Cream flavors, a jar of kosher dills, a bag of Snickers miniatures, a tub of coleslaw, a bag of ice, and large chocolate shake.

RayfordSteele, May 07 2002


       Where the hell were you a year ago?
phoenix, May 07 2002

       I take it that you have a child on the way, [phoenix]?   

       The only thing in your list that I craved was the ice.   

       Pregnancy made me detest most food. Stuff I had loved my whole life I suddenly couldn't look at, smell, or even think about. I subsisted mostly on broth soup, carrots, water and saltines.   

       Some of those foods I suddenly hated have yet to make it back on my menu. Spaghetti for example.
bristolz, May 07 2002

       ...but eating for 2+.   

       [bristolz] we had ours August of last year. She's 7 months or so now.
phoenix, May 07 2002

       Do they have home delivery?
FarmerJohn, May 07 2002

       Yes. By stork.
calum, May 07 2002

       I thought these meals grew in the cabbage patch [calum].
mcscotland, May 07 2002

       If they have any aperitifs that make her want to get pregnant, Ill order one.
FarmerJohn, May 07 2002

       Is it generally seen as ok that there are almost no vegetables in that selection outlined above? Are saturated fat, lots of dairy, protein and over-processed carbohydrates perfect pregnancy food? I don't know, never having been pregnant.
sappho, May 07 2002

       Gob smacked to discover that what is pretty much my average breakfast is referred to as wild cravings.
Its perfectly healthy and any way dill pickles are so too vegetables.
IvanIdea, May 07 2002

       I've often wondered if this pregnancy/cravings thing was a real phenomenon. I've no firsthand experience on the matter.
waugsqueke, May 07 2002

       Almost, Ivan, I said almost. Dill pickes and the bits in coleslaw are not really what I call healthy portions of vegetables though. Having said that, I live without animal protein anyway, and try to eat as little carbohydrate as possible, so that diet wouldn't appeal to me if pregnant or not. I frequently get mad desires to eat an entire bag of fresh tomatoes though.
sappho, May 07 2002

       My understanding is that actual experiences vary wildly between individuals, unlike the stereotypical "ice cream and pickles." My wife frequently wanted exactly one thing to eat and nothing else would do, but that one thing changed rapidly. Sometimes even before she could get the one thing ready to eat. What didn't change was that she always wanted more.   

       Sappho, she had been a vegi-vore before pregnancy, but in the first trimester could not touch a vegetable, and most frequently went for the most deadly fast food available.
beauxeault, May 07 2002

       Are you back riffing on that "parasite free" thing?   

       When I was pregnant, 'daintily sitting' was less a possibility than my eating lice with chopsticks.
bristolz, May 07 2002

       This is very educational.   

       It appears there are about nine months when women are not parasite-free.
waugsqueke, May 07 2002

       Depends on who they married, waugs.
bristolz, May 07 2002

       Caesarean Salad for me please.
brewmaster, May 07 2002

       <slightly off-topic>Caesarean was actually the name of one of Caesers sons, and means 'Born of Ceaser'</slightly off-topic>
[ sctld ], May 07 2002

       Pickles and ice cream, pickled beets, pickled eggs, pickled onions, olive sandwiches … gag, I guess that's better than tossing all the time.
reensure, May 07 2002

       People actually can have cravings for vegetables?   


       Where was I a year ago... Hmmm.... about this time last year I was unemployed. Weird thing: the year before that I was unemployed at this time, too. And you guessed it, I'm unemployed once more. It's becoming like a yearly ritual. Happy birthday Ray, here's your pink slip.
RayfordSteele, May 11 2002

       Brings out your creative side, eh?
reensure, May 11 2002

       [Mephista] Just what I was thinking. From Eddings' "The Seeress of Kell":   

       If a husband proved willing to disassemble the known world to obtain strawberries out of season or ..., it was a sure sign that he still loved his wife....   

       [waugsqueke] Parasite? I got a pro-choice advocate most upset by applying that term to the issue.
ThotMouser, May 11 2002

       Yeah, how about that? I was, as they say, "j/k." I'm about as pro-life as they come.
waugsqueke, May 13 2002

       I read somewhere that women crave things that have nutrients they need. My mother wanted chocolate mints and vietnamese food, I wonder what's in those that a fetus (me) needs?? Chocolate seems to be popular, why?
Lizz612, Apr 17 2003

       One of those whoppers is, of course, for the husband who had to make the run?
James Newton, Oct 16 2008


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