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Pregnancy test tampons

Tampons with a brain
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Combines 2 awkward procedures in to 1. More accurate than urine, doctors have been using menstrual flow to predict pregnancy for over 35 years. Now the same technology can be used in the privacy of your home. Used once a month, specially coated tampons change color when pregnancy is unlikely. Two color combinations will be available: white(+)/red(-) and light blue(+)/purple(-).
prune, Feb 11 2002


       you are reading the wrong manual altogether. suggest spark plugs need cleaning or perhaps oil change - see your car maintenance engineer urgently.
po, Feb 11 2002

       I'd like to know where you got the 35 years from. Women have been using menstrual flow, or the lack of it, to predict pregnancy since the beginning of time.   

       Are you confusing this with a pregnancy blood test? For your information the blood for this test is extracted from a vein in the arm, and is indeed more accurate than a urine test.   

       I agree with UB, and suggest you jot down notes and discuss them with your sex ed teacher.
Helium, Feb 12 2002

       Women can have late or nonexistent periods for many reasons other than pregnancy. I mean, if all you had to do was wait a few weeks to see if your period came, nobody would bother to buy pregnancy tests...
rebekkahshiri, Feb 12 2002

       Maybe a home thumb prick blood test kit, similar to those used by diabetics, would be a better idea.
Helium, Feb 12 2002

       [rebbekahshiri]- Yes, but you aren't menstruating at *all* if you're pregnant, making *this idea* pointless. And sure, you aren't necissarily pregnant if you miss a period, but it's definately a clue.
Galileo, Feb 12 2002

       Many women athletes stop having their period which might be, as UB points out, linked to low body fat (however I did not know that).  Same is true for malnourished women esp. those suffering from anorexia and similar disorders.   

       Doesn't strike me as a troll, though.
bristolz, Feb 12 2002

       "fallen pregnant"... UB, I've never heard it put quite that way before. I never thought of it as a 'fall'.   

       I agree that this isn't a troll. More likely just the result of someone poorly informed.
waugsqueke, Feb 12 2002

       should I be offended that my annotation where I solved the color combination "mystery" has been deleted?   

       No. I think the *author* deleted it because prune just doesn't like to admit that some people are actually smart.
runforrestrun, Feb 12 2002

       I'll admit you're smart RFR. Hopefully your above comment will be enough of a clue for the others. No offense was intended, I just didn't know how to move your earlier observant comment to the end of the page and....uh....I didn't find it pertinent.
prune, Feb 12 2002

       Of course it's pertinent because it shows that the tampon really doesn't have a "brain" or require any special type of chemical to determine pregnancy (or lack thereof).   

       Oh, and you can't move annotations. That type of feature would mess up the wonderful flow of thoughts and ideas.   

       UB -- <snicker> how does one "fall" pregnant exactly?
runforrestrun, Feb 12 2002

       As in: I've fallen pregnant, and I can't get up!
prune, Feb 12 2002

       I'm pretty sure that prune is a fully functional adult, who has adopted a puerile persona for his/her amusement. I don't think the intent is trollish. It's more like wearing a costume while pretending it is not a costume. Why people do this is beyond me.
quarterbaker, Feb 12 2002

       > I'm pretty sure that >>>prune is a fully functional adult,<<<   

       unless prune is some kind of antisocial person for whom tricking people is their biggest entertainment. maybe prune is trying to set a record for most fishbones for one person, or maximum completely stupid ideas for one person. ridiculous in any regard.
dj_photon, Feb 13 2002

       yes, there are reasons you can miss your period besides pregnancy, likewise, some ppl continue to recieve their period for the first one or two months...and some (though with great risk to the baby) continue it all the way through. basically...it happens.   

       and in regards to "fallen pregnant" i suppose maybe someone hasn't heard the expression "fallen ill".
Puresoul, Apr 13 2003

       Why not put the detector solution in the flush-water disinfectant tablet? If you've got a croissant in the oven, the flush water goes blue.   

       If it goes red, you're menstruating (no dye involved).   

       If it does either and you're a guy, go see a doctor.
FloridaManatee, Apr 14 2003

       One of my good friends from high school had two periods at the beginning of her pregnancy. So everytime I ever got a scare and then started she was like, "Take a test anyways!"
flamingcrackmonkey, Dec 15 2003


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