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Print extruder

For smudgeless prints
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Have you ever looked at some piece of art and wondered: is that an (oil) painting or merely a print? Well, now you will.

This tool will analyze art prints and create an extrusion pattern to mimic the appearance of layered paint.

You will say that 3D software could just as well lay down a painted version of any print, and you'd be right, but this version is more like Papier-mâché and less about you.

4and20, Sep 22 2021

You're right... https://news.artnet...asterpieces-1405558
3D printing can do it. [neutrinos_shadow, Sep 22 2021]


       Some great artists are able to use the 3-D layering of paint as part of the art, using it to cast shadows and create highlights as a kind of bass relief.
Voice, Sep 22 2021

       I've been thinking about this for some time. A scan of a painting can easily be bump mapped with freeware to get the texture, and saved as an isosurface. From there, the texture can be 3d-printed onto a flat surface the usual way, and then the piece is fed to a UV printer to paint the colors on. EDIT- the Artnet article is better. My method probably won't capture the correct texture
mailtosalonga, Sep 29 2021

       It occurs to me that this would be better for topographic printed maps.
4and20, Oct 01 2021


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