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Radiator drain dish

Saves draining the whole system
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I've got a hot water central heating system, and it bugs me that you've got two choices when you want to remove a radiator to decorate the wall behind. These are either drain the whole system down, or try to catch the water from the one rad as you undo the connector on the valve. What is needed is a dish type container with a moulded in slot on one side, with flexible lips above it, to go around the pipe and catch the majority of the water. The seal may not be perfect, but it would be loads better than old towels, the cat's dinner bowl etc.
unclepete, Mar 09 2004


       What you need is some kind of "rotary union" fitting on your radiator so you can flip it down to decorate behind it. Google for it; there are lots around.   

       The poor mans solution could be pieces of garden hose to connect the radiators to the plumbing in the wall or floor. The hoses could coil up neatly behind the radiators when they are in the normal position. If the hoses are long enough they would even allow to move the radiators around as desired. Your bed too cold and clammy? Just throw in the radiator!
kbecker, Mar 09 2004

       The problem with rotary unions would probably be the weight of a full radiator, plus you'd have to have some flex on the copper pipes that come out of the floor, which could be tricky. The hoses sound somewhat unattractive, and prone to leaks
unclepete, Mar 10 2004


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